Recipe Corner. Gari and Cheese-and-Ham Pies.

First off, my total for this week is a pathetic 10/21. On the other hand, I am getting somewhere with my paintings and my tutoring, so I can get back to everything next week and put the effort into keeping it normal without derailing more important things than the plan.

Now, some baking I’ve been doing.

Recipe 1: Ham and Cheese Pies.


-250g spelt flour

-100g rice flour

-150g butter

-50g cheddar

-2 rashers bacon

-1 onion

-onion powder


-chopping board

-mixing bowl and spoon

-greased/nonstick cupcake/baking tray


1: Mix the flours and butter with your fingers until all that’s left are thick crumbs. Add water, stirring until it reaches a consistency like honey. Add onion powder.

2: Pour/spoon 1/2 the mix across the base of your cupcake or baking tray.

3: Chop the bacon, onion and cheese into bits and share throughout the cupcake spaces or spread evenly over the mix in the tray.

4: Spoon the remaining half of the mix across the top of your cupcake or baking tray. Flatten down so the top mixture and bottom mixture meet.

5: Cook in an oven at 160C for 1h.

Taste-test on the bottom left. They're good.

Taste-test on the bottom left. They’re good.


Recipe 2: Gari Not-Cornbread.

Because Jon has a corn allergy and I am trying to keep grain consumption minimized, I decided to try out some gari instead of cornflour. Gari is a popular West African food made of shredded cassava/tapioca root and makes an excellent flour for making denser, richer breads. It is made by soaking and fermenting mashed cassava root before drying it out and grinding it down. Yellow gari is actually fried in palm oil, so it’s not the best choice in hindsight, but I’ll make sure to get white gari next time.



Yes, my lard-saving jar has a sketch of a tiny pig on it. My chicken-fat one has a chicken on it, my tallow one has a cow on it, my lamb-fat one has a sheep on it and my olive-oil one has some olives on it. I’m cool like that.

-300g gari

-200g lard (mine was from roast gammon, so I didn’t use any more spices)

-4 eggs

-1tbsp dry yeast

-1tsp sugar



-mixing bowl and spoon


-bread baking tray


1: Mix the sugar with 50ml of hot water. Add 100ml cold water. Stir in the yeast and leave to rest.

2: Mix the gari and the lard together.

3: Stir in the egg.

4: Add the yeast mix.

5: Stir and add water alternately until the mixture is workable but too thick to pour.

6: Spoon into a greased cake-baking tray.

7: For flatter trays, bake at 160C for 35min. For deeper ones, bake at 160C for 50-60min.

Serve with butter spread on top, because it wouldn’t be complete without butter.



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