Wonderful Wednesday Wok. Tortilla and Brownies.

This week has been FAR too busy for someone sleeping so little. I’m going to need to pace myself a bit more, methinks.


Anyhow, this is what I made for Jon’s lunch yesterday. The vegetables appear mysteriously, but will be explained at the end of the week. [Part of a project. :)]

Recipe 1: Spanish Omelet with mixed veg and chicken.



-8 eggs

-around two bowls worth of mixed boiled vegetables

-1 chicken drumstick

-any bacon you have lying around

We got our chicken drumstick and bacon off a roast chicken I made as a mid-week meal. Here it is in all its glory:



-chopping board and knife

-large frying pan with heat-proof handle


1: Scramble four of the eggs and take them off the heat.

2: Add the stew and break down the chicken drumstick and bacon. Ensure an even spread.

3: Break the remaining eggs carefully over the mix. Make sure everything is surrounded by runny egg.

4: Cook on the stove-top until the sides are firm.

5: Place under the grill and cook until solid.

Recipe 2: Dark Chocolate and Walnut Brownies.

Abusing everyday flour lately has been having the obvious effect on my gut, so I’d recommend using something safer if you’re not used to much flour. Not making a substitution and eating less is not an option. These are delicious.



-400g flour

-75-100g butter

-3tbsp pure cocoa powder

-3tbsp sugar/honey/sweetener

-70g crumbled dark chocolate

-12 shelled and crushed walnuts


-mixing bowl and spoon

-greased or non-stick baking tray


1: Mix the flour, sugar and cocoa powder.

2: Add the butter and mash it in.

3: Add water, continually stirring until the mass holds together, but is pourable, like a syrup. Use warm water if the butter was hard to properly mix.

4: If you used warm water, let it cool. Mix in the chocolate pieces and walnut.

5: Pour into the tray.

6: Bake in a preheated oven at 160C for 35min, or until a fork comes out clean (of mass, the chocolate bits will stick to it!).

7: Serve with cream, ice-cream or a milky drink.



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