FitFriday III.

This week has been a busy one, but I managed to keep at it.

Almost every day I’ve done some lifting, either as a 1 or 2 exercise workout or whilst getting the new chicken coop or the garden ready.

I’ve walked quite a bit and got a lot of sunlight. My hands have dried fairly easily, but they’re still elastic and they sweat when I have a break, so it’s still within natural boundaries.

I’ve been VLC some days and LC others, so my water-weight has literally melted off. It seems I can store up to 6L of extra fluid when I’m eating high carb. Considering I’m not obese, that is quite a feat. Goes to show that a lot of the jigglies some people have could be lost by cutting back on water retention.

My diet has largely consisted of low-calorie starches, mixed vegetables, tomato sauce, meat and eggs. And coffee, of course. A bit of chocolate and some sugared almonds here and there, as well as a banana and rice for a carb refeed when I wasn’t feeling fully recovered after a VLC day with endurance activities.

Got to get back on track with my regular weights and walking.

Finally, I have banned myself from certain websites that distract me easily and am only allowing others, such as the blog, or social networking sites, to be used for 1h/day before my chores are done or whilst completing small jobs. Productivity feels like it’s gone up 200%!

Here, have some beautiful Finnish pop.

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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