WWW. Creamy Chicken Bake and Fruit Loaf.

Busy lately. Cleaning, hens, Download, workouts, sewing, art, business plan, tutoring, cooking, gardening. Everything’s happening at once!

Anyhow, here’s what we had for lunch yesterday.

Recipe 1: Creamy Chicken Bake.



-6-8 chicken thighs or breasts

-200g new potatoes

-200g broccoli florets

-100g butternut squash

-100g carrot

-1 red bell pepper

-5 cloves of garlic

-200ml double cream

-200ml milk


-small pot

-chopping board and knife

-large deep oven tray


1: Halve or quarter the potatoes. Boil until soft.

2: Slice the broccoli florets up very small.

3: Layer the potatoes and broccoli along the base.

4: Slice the carrots, pepper and squash very thinly and layer on top.

5: Place the chicken on top of the vegetables, skin-side up.

6: Cut the cloves of garlic in half, crush them, and wedge them into any gaps between the vegetables.

7: Pour the milk in with the vegetables.

8: Pour the cream on top.

9: Bake at 160C for 2h.

Recipe 2: Fruit Loaf.

I actually made this on Sunday, when I did a lot of home-baking and roasting, but didn’t get round to writing the recipe.


Jon has his with butter.


Ingredients (makes 2 loaves):

-5 overripe bananas

-400g applesauce or stewed apples

-200g self-raising flour

-150ml water

-100g mixed seeds

-3tbsp sugar


-mixing bowl and fork

-greased or nonstick baking trays


1: Mash the bananas into the bowl.

2: Stir in the apple.

3: Stir in the flour.

4: Carefully fold in the sugar and seeds.

5: Add water if necessary to make the mixture pourable but stiff to stir.

6: Pour into the trays.

7: Bake at 160C for 1h 30min.

And that’s what we had for lunch on Wednesday.


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