Fit Friday VII.

Not been as active as I could have been this week. Will have to get some workouts in over the weekend. Lots of walking and less food, though, so I’m back down to a 27″ waist. Due to increased muscle, my body-fat percentage is now around the same as when my waist was 25-26″. Only mildly heavier, but solid at the sides. Part of me regrets my waist being a little wider, but if I keep the fat right the WHR will be the same and increased muscle is always good.

Caffeine and lactose have been controlled but not cut out. Sleeping a little better.

Next week I need more heavy weights in, and plenty of red meats whilst Jon’s away and won’t complain about the house smelling of ox-heart 24/7.


And at the moment this is stuck in my head:


TTFN and Happy Hunting!


Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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