FitFriday. DOMS, Harvest, DOMS, Busy, DOMS, Wheat, DOMS.

So, between endurance stuff in the garden and shed and weights in the gym, I am sore all over. I would like at least an inch on each arm for this pain, but life’s unfair like that.

Got through a few weights sessions and we proved that I do better on long rest periods. With a week between them, I went from 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 at 27.5 followed by 6 at 25 to 9, 8, 8 at 27.5 followed by 8 at 25. Will aim for 12, 13 and 12 next time and then up the weight.

I’ve also been abusing the baking a little lately, and have got slight tartar buildup on a molar. Working at getting rid of it, but low-starch, low-sugar is in order, calorie levels be damned.

It’s looking like blackberry season will soon be upon us, the squash plants are flowering and the elders are full of green berries. The rabbits got at the last of our peas, so I’m setting traps later too. Revenge is savoury like a game pie.

Finally, with all the new students, sorting the shed and garden, harvesting/foraging and cooking, I’ve been a bit busy. But no worries, the WWW will be up tonight, that essay on university courses will be up on Monday and I have another list-y thing on the things I discovered through maturing early (mentally, that is). All in time to make freshmen and A-level students feel rubbish about their decisions. 🙂

Next week is more weights with weeklong breaks between each lift, more gardening and long blackberrying walks and fewer starches.


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