WWW. Paella de Marisco and Apple Muffins.

Something Spanish and something from the recent Sainsbury’s “Live Well For Less” mag.

Recipe 1: Paella de Marisco.


For a paella and a fish dish, this is cheap and fairly simple.


Serves four.

-600g rice

-400-500g fish

-fish stock (if using canned fish you can make a simple stock from the brine)

-1 onion

-1 red pepper

-400g chopped tomatoes

-2tsp pepper

-2tsp salt

-2tsp paprika

-3 leaves sage

-1tsp coriander

-4tbsp olive oil


-chopping board and knife


-large frying pan or wok


1: Mix the fish stock with some water. Add the herbs and the rice and put on to boil.

2: Very finely dice the pepper and onion. Fry in the oil until softened.

3: Add the tomato to the pepper and onion and reduce.

4: Cut the fish into fork-sized chunks.

5: Season the tomato mix with paprika and add the fish.

6: Add the rice and stock. Salt and pepper. Reduce.

Recipe 2: Apple Muffins.



-2 large apples

-250-300g flour

-200g butter

-2 eggs

-4tbsp palm sugar or 3tbsp brown sugar and 1tbsp molasses or 4tbsp maple syrup

-2tsp cinnamon


-chopping board and knife

-mixing bowl and spoon

-greased or nonstick muffin tray with space for 12 regular or 6 large muffins

-paper cupcake cups (optional)


1: Core and very finely dice the apples.

2: Mix the flour and cinnamon in a bowl.

3: Add the butter and eggs and mix until crumbly.

4: Add the sweetener of choice.

5: Add water to make up the consistency.

6: Pour into the tray.

7: Bake at 160C for 20min or until golden brown.



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