WWW. Baked Curry Chicken, Hazelnut Banana Bread.

Stew of the week will be up on Saturday and my record and analysis of two weeks worth of housewife work will be ready by Monday. For now, yesterday’s lunch.

Baked Chicken Curry.



(serves 4)

-4 chicken quarters

-2 onions

-1 large or 3 small sweet potatoes

-4 cloves garlic

-400ml/about 2 cups curry sauce (we had some that needed using up, but you can easily mix one with 3tbsp curry powder, 50ml oil, 350ml water and a dash of lemon and vinegar)

-a dash of extra chilli


-chopping board and knife

-deep baking tray


1: Lay the chicken out in the tray.

2: Chop the onions into eighths. Finely slice the garlic. Spread them around the chicken.

3: Roughly chop the sweet potato, place over the onion pieces.

4: Pour the curry sauce over the top, drizzle the chilli.

5: Bake at 160C/320F for 35min.

6: Turn up to 200C/390F and bake for a further 10min to brown.


Hazelnut Banana Bread.


-3 large bananas

-200-300g/7-10.5oz fresh, shelled hazelnuts


-200g/7oz butter

-350g/12.3oz self-raising flour or plain flour with raising agents

-1tsp cloves

-2tsp ginger

-water as needed


-mixing bowl, fork and spoon

-greased or nonstick baking tray


1: Mash the bananas and butter together. Mix in the cloves and ginger.

2: Stir in the flour. Add water until the mix is smooth and homogenous.

3: Stir in the hazelnuts.

4: Pour into the tray. Bake at 160C/320F until light and fluffy.

Also: new tablecloth.

Also: new tablecloth.

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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