Fit Friday XI.

So apparently I deal really badly with high volumes of work. Managed to get a throat bug, something that gave me chills and night sweats and also an infection in what would normally be called a tiny amount of damage in my toe. A couple of days of lies in, taking it easy from online tutoring and student hunting, antibiotics for the toe and keeping to the bare minimum of housework has helped a great deal and I’m almost 100% now.

It has, however, given me time to organize a weights schedule that fits in with Jon’s new one. On Mondays I do back and arms, on Wednesdays shoulders and rowing machine, on Fridays chest and yoga, on Saturdays legs and yoga. We also have a 30-120 second break limit between reps or sets and are pushing the weights back up. So once I’m all better I should be back on track.

Been eating well, but fatloss has gone out the window with the reintegrated weight-gain weight-lifting program and the illness. Back to low-calorie and low-carb days every other day for a couple of weeks after I’m better, though.

Planning to stick to my new routine for the next week.

And thanks to RPW I’m now listening to a mix of the Andrews Sisters’ music.

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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