WWW. Deboned Sweet Potato and Bacon Chicken.

So, back to mostly Paleo/Primal foods, even if there is cake here and there.


A deboned, sweet potato and bacon-steak stuffed chicken with oven-roasted veggies and a soup-come-sauce.

Listed as steps rather than recipes so you can follow it through steadily and minimize prep time for a marvelous meal.

Step 1: Deboning the chicken.


-1 whole chicken


-paring knife

-heavy knife

-poultry shears or strong kitchen scissors


1: Turn the chicken onto its back and cut off the tail and neck with the shears.

2: Using the paring knife, make a slit down the spine, to the bone.

3: Use your fingers to pry the flesh from the bone and lift. Insert the paring-knife and slowly carve around the chest, lifting and slicing.

4: When you get to the wings and thighs, dislocate the bones and, using the heavier knife, cut them away from the collarbone and hips.

5: When you reach the chest, gently pull the breastbone out of the flesh and away from the skin. Avoid using the knife so you can’t accidentally pierce the skin. Lift the main bones out of the bird and place to one side.

6: Now you decided how much bone to remove. I decided to debone the thighs, but leave the legs and wings bone-in.

7: To debone thighs, roll back the skin and make a cut down the bone to the knee. Use your big knife to break the knee and then carve around the thigh bone with the paring knife.

8: To debone legs, roll the skin up the leg and cut up to the knee, carve around the bone and be sure to remove all cartilage and the splinter bone.

9: Deboning wings is easier after cooking.

Step 2: Prepping the veg.



-1 small sweet potato

-1 small aubergine

-1 small parsnip

-200g swede

-olive oil

-chicken trimmings, raw


-chopping board and knife


1: Wash the vegetables.

2: Cut into 1×1″ cubes.

3: Drizzle the aubergine, parsnip and swede with oil. Place in a pan with the chicken trimmings on top.

Step 3: Stuffing the chicken and roasting.

Would you guess there are no bones in the torso or thighs?

Would you guess there are no bones in the torso or thighs?


-1 deboned chicken

-300g bacon steaks or gammon

-your sweet potato





-baking tray

-baking twine


1: Fill the body cavity and empty bone areas with sweet potato and/or celery sticks.

1: Place the bacon or gammon where the backbone would have been.

3: Flip the bird over into a tray and tie it tightly shut.

4: Roast with the mixed veg at 160C for 1.5h.

Step 4: Making the sauce.


-1 cup parboiled rice

-1 cup broccoli and peas

-the grease from the roast chicken

-the meat from the chicken trimmings


-small pot



1: Blend everything together.

2: Blend in warm water until thick but pourable. Add salt and pepper.

Jon's serving. With the totally non-Paleo beans.

Jon’s serving. With the totally non-Paleo beans.

2 thoughts on “WWW. Deboned Sweet Potato and Bacon Chicken.

    • Tell me how it goes!

      I’m looking forward to trying a similar recipe for the Christmas turkey: deboned whole chicken inside a largely deboned turkey, stuffed with sweet potato and bacon and rubbed with orange, honey and ginger. Worked out both parts separately, but putting the whole thing together may be more difficult.


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