FitFriday XV, Fat Friday II. Lazy week, hormones, return to weights.

Fit Friday:

Last week my workouts had all but gone. This week they didn’t exist. To be fair on myself, I’ve had some physical activity: light yoga workouts, walking, etc, but that doesn’t take away from the fact I haven’t had a single serious workout. Then again, this week has been a lot of hard work with very little to show for it, so I guess no workouts is in-trend.

I have managed my diet well and through monitoring my carb, wheat, sugar and caffeine intakes have boosted my immune system again, so I should be getting ill less frequently from now on, despite an increased household footfall and the stress.

Next week I plan on trying out Shannon Clark’s advice for female lifters and following my cycle with my lifting. This means giving myself a kick up the butt and forcing myself to gradually increase calories and workout frequency and intensity as my period fades out; go into full high-rep, high-calorie, high-carb, high-endurance work over the follicular phase; go for doubles and singles on low-carb, moderate-calorie meals when I am ovulating, and take a break and restrict calories between ovulation and my next period. Who knows, this may work. 🙂


Fat Friday:

Despite being awful in the exercise department, I’ve been pretty good in the diet area. Calories hitting just the right amount, solid sugar control and few treats.

The best thing I ate all week was obviously the chips. I rarely have chips, but I don’t think this affects how amazing they taste. Deep-fried potato is my favourite potato. Though, after a while without it, liver comes a close second.

The naughtiest recipe was chocolate bread and butter pudding. So much sugar and junk. But so yummy.

Next week I will continue restricting sugar, caffeine, carbs and wheat. And workouts will have to return. 😀

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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