WWW AND FitFriday XVI, FatFriday III.

Rolling them all into one as I’ve been crazily busy and forgot to write the WWW.

This Wednesday we had a fish pie with white sauce and cheddar potato topping, followed by a citrus pudding.

Fish Pie.


(serves 4)

-500g chopped fish of various sorts (we used smoked mackerel, cod, salmon, pollock and mussels)

-300ml single cream

-200ml milk

-300g potatoes, peeled

-50g cheddar

-20g butter


-baking tray

-chopping board and knife


1: Dice the fish into roughly equal sized pieces. Place in the tray.

2: Dust with salt, pepper and a dash of vinegar.

3: Pour the milk and cream over the top.

4: Pre-heat the oven to 200C with the fish inside as you prepare the topping.

5: Thinly slice the potatoes, rub with butter.

6: Once the oven is to temperature, remove the fish and layer the potatoes on top of the fish. Consider thickening the sauce with a little flour or rice flour first.

7: Bake until the potato is golden.

8: Add the cheese and cook until melted.

As a side note, white sauces really are a brilliant thing. They can be made intently, on the stove, to a very precise recipe or quickly, as I did here, to stew a pie mix or meat in. They are an excellent base for chowder, carbonara, cauliflower cheese, fish pie, mashed potato, etc. Simple, rich and flavourful.

white sauce


Citrus Pudding.

Jon wasn’t quite so keen on this one, but maybe with a little more sugar or a banana blended in, it would suit sweeter tooths as well.


-1 lime

-1 lemon

-1 orange

-200g plain flour

-100g extra thick cream

-25g sugar



-knife and chopping board

-mixing bowl and spoon


-greased/nonstick baking tray or ceramic oven-proof pot


1: Mix the dry ingredients. Grate in the zest of the fruits.

2: Stir in the cream.

3: Blend in the pulp of the fruit, careful to cut out any pith.

4: Add water until runny.

5: Bake at 200C until a skin has formed.


My workouts are being reintegrated and I’m fitting in some high intensity exercises between jobs and classes, as well as some walking.

I am back at my ideal figure and keeping low carb to protect against water weight, which I’m very sensitive to accumulating when stressed.

The evening primrose oil and b-complex vitamins have been swapped for half the maximum dosage (and 1.5 times the recommended dosage) of Omega 3 oils. It seems the omegas were what I was responding to anyway. I also doubt its placebo effect as the symptoms worsen when I forget to take them before I’ve remembered I haven’t had them for a few days. All pointing towards cyclothymia, so I’ll pester the GP about that sometime soon.

I plan to eat more red meat and fish and further keep my carb intake minimal, but my stretch marks have gone red again, which means I need to up my calories to not lose any more weight. Methinks raw beef and more nuts are in order.


This week the best thing I ate was organic raw minced beef. I was just craving it like crazy and it tasted amazing once I had some.

The naughtiest thing I ate was a creamy hot chocolate made largely with cream and melted chocolate squares.

I haven’t really been all that lazy this week and I can’t wait for some solid sleep tonight and a lazy-ish weekend away.

Next week plenty of veg and meat and rest.


Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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