FitFriday XVII and FatFriday IV.


This week I have kept fairly active, doing workouts on any days when I am not tired and walking whenever possible.

I have generally ate well and avoided too many carbs and my body is already running better, despite the stress.

Managed to eat more red meat and a little more fish, not quite as much fish as I should. Though the Omega3s are still going in and are probably the only reason I haven’t had a mini meltdown every day right now. Well, them and caffeine. Stress-killers.

Loving my figure at the moment. Even in warm, “OK, we’re sleeping now” pajamas, I feel great.

I have been listening to anything that makes me want to dance around the room like a teenager, because I need to get my daily 10k steps and cardio in somehow.

Next week I’m going to keep at the diet, maybe with more carbs in the morning if I work out some more. Also: WEIGHTS. Need to lift more, get my back looking like a rock-climber’s.


Best thing I ate was earlier. Sounds gross, tastes divine. Pan caramelized sweet onions and baby peas with leftover BBQ and melted cheese. Naughtiest thing I ate was probably that too. Or possibly having a few Nakd bars at the end of a day. Sure, they’re healthy, but they’re also carbs on a low carb week and at completely the wrong time to cheat.

Been nicely active, but still had a few naps and some general R&R to keep me focused. Lazies away next week. 🙂

Next week I will do everything in my power to avoid crashing and burning because I’m on a roll with being the “SUPERSlavisWife” and I don’t want to mess that up by going all hormoney and depressed and stuff. Omegas, coffee, sleep, weights, low carb and letting the crazies out when it won’t bother anyone or interfere with work.

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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