FitFriday XVIII and FatFriday V.


Been working on losing a little weight. Gone very low carb: no starches, no fruit, no sugar. Closest I’m coming to carbs is honey here and there, small servings of peas and pumpkin. Feeling more alert and flatter stomach already. Making sure to eat plenty of vegetables and portioning meat, because I can find it very easy to go over calories and over budget when I go very low carb.

Back to working out in the afternoons and doing yoga in the mornings. Loving being more active and can’t wait for my arms and legs to start growing again.

My plans for next week are more low carb, more weight lifting and more long walks.


At the moment I’m largely just eating salads, veggie stir fries and roast pork. The tastiest thing was a dressing I made: 200ml vinegar, 50ml olive oil, 2tsp mustard, 2tsp honey, 1tsp onion granules and 1tsp smoked paprika. Tastes great, you don’t need much for flavour, makes even plain tomatoes a meal and helps keep me on low calories. The whole thing makes at least six servings for a huge bowl of salad.

The naughtiest thing I ate was some cola when I had a dry throat, but at least it was just a few mouthfuls of the reduced calorie stevia version. Everything else has been home-prepared whole foods with nothing pre-made.

I have been lazy by spending a lot of time writing without taking a break for a stretch or some exercises, but generally I’ve been good.

Next week I’m keeping at it and avoiding the cola bottle.

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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