Do this for your man this Valentine’s Day.

Just a quick extra post because I have a few minutes to write and it popped into my head. Keeping it short and sweet.

1: Expect nothing.

Harsh though it may sound, you don’t deserve a car, a proposal or a dinner date just because you’ve been with someone for so long and it’s a romantic day. You don’t really deserve anything extra, even if you’re going the extra mile. It’s a day, there are 364 more. Get your expectations down to “nothing” and enjoy the day. Worst case scenario it’s a normal day. Best case scenario, your mind is blown by his generosity.


2: Be grateful.

If you get anything, be grateful. There is no obligation to give you anything or do anything for you. It may not be much, but it’s something, even if it’s just a flower or a card or some candy. He was thinking about you, he wanted to do something to make you happy. And maybe you wanted something specific or you can’t use the thing he got you, but nobody reads minds. Be grateful you got anything at all.


3: Cook dinner.

Even if it’s nothing fancy or special, make dinner. It could be giving him a break from cooking, it could be a romantic dinner or it could just be his favourite food.

Just because you’re expecting nothing doesn’t mean you have to give nothing. And cooking dinner is hardly the end of the world.


4: Dress up and be nice.

Every holiday can be a day of reflection. Think about everything your partner does for you, everything your partner means to you. Dress to impress him and be nice, pleasant and kind, as though it were your first date or honeymoon. Fall in love with him. Romance him.


5: Remember it’s not about you.

If you want a dinner date but won’t set time aside to be together. If you expect jewelery and he gets chocolate. If you are worried what your friends will think of his gift. Guess what? You’re being selfish. Don’t worry about social norms, expectations, the cost of gifts or whether you can squeeze a meal out of him before going to do overtime at work. Instead, either try and make it romantic and nice for both of you, or leave it alone entirely.


And if all this sounds too unromantic to you, then maybe rethink why this day matters so much.

TTFN and Happy Valentine’s!

4 thoughts on “Do this for your man this Valentine’s Day.

  1. I really liked that, thank you. Words of wisdom there. “Expect nothing” is a really good attitude, because than everything becomes a surprise, a gift, and you start to appreciate a million little things you never really noticed before.

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