FitFriday XXI, FatFriday VIII. Depression and Cheesy Nightmares.


Well, I spent the weekend away and between that and a dirty great greasy chicken and chips on our anniversary* my diet was, as predicted, thrown a little. Most of it was perfectly healthy other than the takeaway, but the extra carbs were felt a little. It does feel much better to be back on greens and protein.

Annoyingly depression has hit again and is lingering, so weights are out the window, mild yoga is in when the lethargy isn’t awful, work is unnaturally difficult and my appetite is dead. Probably eating around 1000 calories a day on a good day.

So my choices were:

1: Eat junkier foods, feel worse but have some more energy to do exercise.

2: Take it easy, not eat, lose weight in muscle and fat.

3: Add cheese to everything in an attempt to get my calories up.

Option 3 seemed the wisest. So here I am, getting a little bit sick of cheese, trying to vary it with some chevre (which helps a lot) and hoping my appetite comes back soon and it no longer takes me an hour and a half to eat a salad. Energy levels still low, but you can’t have it all I suppose. I have also added more omega oils and some Vitamin B complex to compensate for the fact I’m living off greens, pickles and eggs.

Next week I hope to be back to my usual self, lifting heavy weights, eating less cheese and more meat and enjoying life again.


The tastiest thing I ate all week was definitely that chevre. To die for, even if it is more cheese.

The naughtiest thing all week was definitely the chicken tikka and chips. Swimming in oil, overly salted and delicious.

I have definitely given in to the lethargy a bit, but I’m worried that the only other option is overwork and complete inability to leave the bedroom or possibly even the bed. I’d rather be part functional than non-functional.

Next week will be lifting weights and eating well and trying to get out of this. Wish me luck.

How did you week go, in fitness and diet terms?

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

*Chicken, chips, “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly”,  cuddles on the sofa and booze. Don’t go sayin’ romance is dead. :p

4 thoughts on “FitFriday XXI, FatFriday VIII. Depression and Cheesy Nightmares.

    • Bread is a hard one to avoid. I keep it out the house, but keep flour around so if I really want any, I have to make it myself! 9/10 I don’t want it that much, but when I do it’s actually healthier. So win-win, kind of.


  1. You have my email address if you want some friendly chat, anytime.

    As for fitness, still doing CF 3x/wk. Week three is in the bag as of tonight. I am seeing gains in my off-day energy levels, and my rear-end is starting to firm up. Well, all of me is starting to firm up. And I can do more pushups now. Badly, still. But we’ll get there. I laugh ruefully that a short walk yday reminded me why I don’t walk for fitness… 😛

    Weight hasn’t started coming off, but my appetite has reduced from “must eat everything” which is typical for the first couple of weeks I take on new exercise. I forswore all diets, so I’ll have to be patient, I expect.


    • I will bear that in mind, but often the worst part of the depression is being almost unable to fight the lethargy and then beating myself up about falling asleep during a break from work. During those times I go intro extreme introversion mode and just need to sit in a corner and meditate a bit to calm the angers. Random thought: “Extreme Introverts” would probably be the worst “extreme” program ever.

      Yay on the firming up! It’s amazing how much shape a bit of muscle adds to the female form. And if you’re firming, then don’t worry too much about weight yet. After all, you can’t gain muscle without gaining weight. So if your weight is stable AND you’re stronger and firmer, then you have to be losing fat and water weight. Keep at it! 😀


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