FitFriday XXIII, FatFriday X. Too much sugars. Meh.


Being keeping at it with my weights and my intermittent yoga between lessons, so as far as exercise is concerned, I’m feeling pretty good.

BUT, between work and Jon being on night shifts I’ve not really given myself much opportunity to enjoy the recently increased sunlight. I need to fix that and try and make time for myself to get out into the garden in a t-shirt or a dress and dig, weed, get cold and get some sun for a bit. Otherwise I’ll have to look at VitD supplementation which, outside the darkest hours of Winter, is a little sad for someone who actually has the time to get some sunning done.

Diet has been OK, but sugars through the roof. Not so much the granulated, palm or cane sugars, though they have features more often. More dates and prunes, things like Nakd bars. Which, however good for you, are very rich in fast release sugars. This has sent my water retention a bit weird, so I’ll monitor my intake of salts and water until I’m back to normal. Safe to say, I won’t be abusing fruit again, especially not dried fruit, in the near future. Sugar is sugar.

Back onto some more calories, though, now work levels and workout levels are increasing. Body fat is pretty good and I really need to get some gains in whilst we keep wondering about the whole baby-plan. May need to rewrite my yearly plan, if we’re not working towards a baby yet.


As mentioned, I haven’t been too lazy. Kept fairly busy, doing lots of work and exercise, house kept quite well, other than hoovering, which feels like a futile effort this time of year.

The naughtiest thing I ate was an amazing bread and butter pudding which shall feature in next week’s WWW. Already had a Supreme Bread and Butter Pudding, so maybe this one can be a Regal Bread and Butter Pudding? Either way, wheat, piles of dairy, sugar and sickeningly sweet raw custard with it.

The tastiest thing I ate was actually not the pudding, though it may be hard to believe. I actually preferred a bowl of corned beef with cheese, though, again, the dairy will have to be cut back. It can’t be doing me any good to be pushing my limits like that.

Next week I’m sticking to my workouts, cooking up plenty of fish and beef alongside lentils, salads and eggs, as well as rebalancing my sugar intake and cutting back the dairy.

How did your week in fitness go? How do you cope when you need to cut back on tasty foods, like cheese?

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

One thought on “FitFriday XXIII, FatFriday X. Too much sugars. Meh.

  1. Still doing crossfit 3x/wk. Eating more than before CF, but less than I was the first couple of weeks, when anything that didn’t run away screaming was fair game. Starting to see body changes, but nothing on the scale or waistline (actually, my stomach muscles, including the ones on my sides, are a bit more prominent and my lower belly moved up/in, which makes the waist wider in total. Flatter a bit, but wider).


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