FitFriday XXIV, FatFriday XI. Back to weights.

Seeing as I’m back, here are the updates. I have been pushing the weights more lately and doing my best not to avoid them. I have been weeding the garden, digging food-plant beds and filling the hedge with branches. I have been working on yoga daily. My diet has become more of an “as and when” cravings matter and less of a “set meals” matter, due to time and general low appetite. Almost entirely eliminating dairy after several trials. The hope is no dairy, but beating yourself up over every mistake is just ED all over again. Weight stable at 70kg, even though I’ve reduced my body-fat to where it was when I was at 60kg and stretch marks are showing correspondingly again. Lifting creeping up too, which is always a good sign. Thus: some muscle has gone on lately. Skin health very good and attractive, other than in the areas I can’t fill with muscle (armpits, belly button, etc) where the obese-skin still lingers and annoys me. Hair less happy now the damp weather’s going. I have generally been good and only once or twice gave in to lethargy or laziness and had a break or a lie-in.

With the text-wall over, my plans for the next few weeks are:

-continue abstaining from dairy as much as possible

-keep caffeine levels down again

-eat more at dinner to compensate for small or absent breakfasts and lunches

-eat more meat for better post-workout recovery

-do more walking

-increase weights every couple of sessions

Hopefully I can stick to it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “FitFriday XXIV, FatFriday XI. Back to weights.

  1. Why no dairy?

    I got a job where I have to stand around 6 hours per day, so that’s a plus 🙂 . But on the other hand, I don’t get enough time to exercise every day now : /

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    • I’ve just worked out how many minor issues I get with dairy in my diet:
      -worse depression
      -when I crush my knuckles doing weights or gardening, the swelling goes down when I avoid dairy
      -acid reflux when I eat over a certain amount
      -gut issues when I eat over a certain amount
      Some people digest dairy well, many have issues with lactose, some have issues with galactose and some have issues with dairy fat or proteins. I seem to be one of those that reacts to one of the lactoses. And I don’t really crave dairy or need it, I just want it, so it’s no trouble to cut it out.


      • I see 🙂 I hear we get more lactose intolerant as we age, since we aren’t programmed to need milk after we stop being children. Supposedly only Northern Europeans can keep drinking regular milk all their lives as much as they want. I will wait and see what happens.

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      • Northern Europeans are the only group that CAN keep drinking milk all their lives. But not all NE will be lactose tolerant, there’s still some variability. I hope you stay lactose tolerant. No ice-cream isn’t fun. 😦


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