10 Small Steps To Looking More Feminine.

Many of us want to become a little more feminine. Not necessarily porcelain doll, but we’d like to at least look and feel like women and embody the virtues that make us happy and that men enjoy.

But in terms of appearance, being feminine can seem hard, especially to the slightly more tomboyish of us. It can sometimes feel like our more image-conscious sisters use ten thousand different tricks, products and styles to achieve a graceful, feminine appearance. And sometimes the things we think of as over the top are considered basic by others and what to us is complicated is simple to them. So, for the absolute beginners like I was until recently, here are my ten first steps to obtaining a more feminine appearance.

1: Hygiene.

Make sure to use conditioner and a shampoo that suits your hair. Wear some perfume or body scent. Use some moisturizer. Basically, go from basic soap, shampoo and deodorant, to something to make your hair shinier, something to make your body smell softer and something to make your skin smoother. These tiny additions hardly take any time at all and make a world of difference.

2: Makeup and hair.

The next layer is basic makeup and hair styling. Just enough concealer, foundation, lips and eyes to add some extra feminine softness. And aim for a long haircut that is easy to maintain and frames your face well. Long hair is more feminine and the right fringe can soften and feminize your face.

Commenter SurferCajun added that boar bristle hairbrushes could also help keep your hair healthy, vibrant, lustrous and long!

3: Frills and flares.

Just because you may not be ready to wear skirts and dresses daily doesn’t mean you can’t use their attributes. Frilly, flared clothing always looks somewhat feminine, feels great on the skin and grabs your man’s attention, so adding something with frills and flares, be it a skirt or just a top, will make your wardrobe more feminine.

4: Nice shoes.

Not everyone likes girly shoes. And not everyone wants to wear heels daily. But just because you don’t want to wear tall sparkly heels every day doesn’t mean you have to be, as Jon puts it “Frumplestiltskin”. Try and swap your everyday doc martens and trainers for something a little girlier, like ankle boots, or ballet flats.

5: Jewelery.

Don’t try and overdo it or overload yourself yet. Get a few select pieces of jewellery or dig out your old jewellery. Make a point of wearing one item of jewellery (on top of wedding or engagement rings) a day. This way you can keep it more inkeeping with your outfit, but add that touch of sparkle that catches your guy’s eye.

6: Handbags.

As I discussed two weeks ago, I have been transitioning off backpacks and onto handbags. Whilst I sometimes use a backpack just for the sheer size of it, moving mostly onto handbags adds some feminine glamour too your everyday appearance.

7: Colour coordination.

Try and keep your outfit held together. Ideally find out what your colours are and then your wardrobe will always match. But if you have something in every colour, avoid combinations that remind you of abstract art or shabby-chic. These looks are very hard to pull off and don’t always look feminine even when they are pulled off. Stick to classic colour combos, like blue and white or green and purple.

8: Posture.

Good posture adds grace and femininity to every woman. Walk with small steps, with your back straight, your neck straight and your head facing forwards or even a little upwards. Sit by touching your calves to the seat of the chair, sitting down upright and folding one ankle behind the other. Don’t slouch, stoop or bend over.

9: Manners.

All this wouldn’t be complete without manners. Manners are very much a regional thing, but aim to have the manners of a local fifty year old, not an all-American twelve year old. Remember to be considerate, grateful and giving.

10: Smile.

Finally, smile. Have a pleasant demeanour about you. Appear open and friendly, not cold and unapproachable. Try and deeply enjoy your new femininity, to let that joy radiate from your smile.

And those are my ten very simple tricks to being a little bit more feminine. They take virtually no time, hardly any effort and most don’t even cost you anything. All could be accomplished in a day and mastered in a week, if you set your mind to it. Though I’d personally recommend focusing on one a week and seeing how you go!

Have anything to add or comment on? Looking forward to reading your anecdotes, tips and thoughts!

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

6 thoughts on “10 Small Steps To Looking More Feminine.

  1. Good morning!

    YES! Shoes are important! Especially if you are in the flat foot department. (me) IF the shoe does not fit well, wrong size, poor quality, more than 2 1/2, etc… how can I smile? πŸ™‚

    Perhaps some ladies can give some recommendations about where they purchase good quality items? makeup, clothes, handbags? We should see ourselves in the best investments we purchase and or afford. Most women would be shocked at what little i have in my closet. I am just so picky!! and like Tim Gunn states: Your public awaits!! πŸ™‚ Perhaps Mr. Gunn might even agree with me about putting ribbons and flowers (real or silk) in our hair? I could offer up help on silk flowers inexpensively. (if you don’t mind the wait) πŸ™‚

    Your article was such a joy to read this morning!!!

    β€œDress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”
    ― Coco Chanel

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you liked it! I have a post in the works on some online shops that are good for nice clothes at reasonable prices, so keep an eye out! I also like getting clothes from charity shops. Often the items are in perfect condition or brand new with tags (they have bnwt sections and everything), at a much lower price. So you get quality items for cheap and you’re supporting a good cause.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are always so extremely generous with your praise! No wonder what you do is so special. πŸ™‚
        I totally agree with the GoodWill /other discounted places. Sadly, as of late, what I am seeing there I not liking so much… tsk tsk….

        One place in Baton Rouge called the Purple Cow I found Johnson ville glass…but all I was thinking “wow, it was made in the USA?” Found an Oriental jewelry box for my daughter, baby stuff for third baby, working fish tank, even a lovely picture frame! Neat places. Oh and if you befriend one of the co workers that work there, well, gosh, it can be just such a wonderful experience! They can be your eyes! I miss the Purple Cow and Baton Rouge’s farmer’s market… sigh…. all year long…..


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