FitFriday XXV, FatFriday XII. Let’s eat the entire pantry.

I’m doing well with the no-dairy. A bit of butter has gone into cooking, but nothing to cry about. Not really craving it, so all is well. On the other hand, that lovely plum ice-cream has my name written all over it. I should probably try and make myself one with coconut cream…

I’ve been largely living off ox heart for the week and it’s been hitting the spot, but I may need something more varied in the mix soon, as I’m feeling hungrier lately.

Weights climbing well. Shrugs at 50kg and holding. Deadlift at 50kg soon. Squats still at 32.5, though I may remember wrong. Either way, I’m on my way to 65kg lifts. Shame I weigh 70kg now, so I need to add 5kg to my goals.

Not really been naughty with diet this week. Maybe overate a couple of days, but the other five were well within parameter and my figure is spot-on, so I’m not stressed.

Next week I plan on lifting more, increasing my shrugs again, eating some more plants and sleeping closer to sun times.

Current workout track: Three Days Grace’s “Human” album.

How did your week in fitness, diet and health go?

5 thoughts on “FitFriday XXV, FatFriday XII. Let’s eat the entire pantry.

  1. Where did you learn how to lift properly? 🙂
    I wish to do the same, but don’t have much money, and don’t want to risk injury by lifting alone and incorrectly.

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    • I learned through Jon and online tutorials. The big keys are:

      1. Start very light and warm up well before starting, to make sure all your supporting muscles are as strong as your main muscles!

      2. Get a spotter to tell you how close or far you are to getting it right and to make you stop or take the weight off if it’s not going well.

      3. If neither you nor Eivind have lifted before, you may want to go to a “rusty barbell” style strongman gym together to make friends. The fees are lower than usual gyms and serious lifters are often friendly and keen to help out eager newbies.

      4. If you’re tired, it’s fine, if you can’t push the bar another inch, it’s fine, if it hurts after you’re done, it’s fine. If it hurts while lifting, you stop.

      I wish you well on your path of iron! 😉


  2. After being sick for too long, I made it to open gym on Wed to do lifting w/out the workout-of-the-day (too hard) and on Friday for the proper class. Felt good. 🙂

    Oh, okay. I could feel my entire torso yday after the power cleans, esp since I don’t have good form yet. (I learn body stuff slowly). But it feels good to be back in gear. 🙂

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