WWW. Blueberry Banana Pudding.

We’ve had other things, but for some reason I haven’t noted any of the stir-fries down, so they’re lost.

Here is a recipe for a protein-packed, carby pudding that lets me break my limits for carbs and dairy before lunch. :p

Blueberry Banana Pudding Recipe


-1 cup plain flour

-1 cup skimmed milk powder

-300g extra heavy cream

-4 eggs

-4 bananas

-1/2 cup blueberries


-mixing bowl and fork


-greased or nonstick baking tray


1: Mix the dry ingredients.

2: Incorporate the eggs and cream.

3: Slice the bananas.

4: Lightly fold in the fruit.

5: Pour the mix into the tray.

6: Bake at 200C until it rises and is brown at the sides.

7: Serve with cream or ice-cream.

Blueberry Banana Pudding Recipe 2

4 thoughts on “WWW. Blueberry Banana Pudding.

  1. oh hey…. have you ever tried to sift the flour? or beat the egg whites to make it *fluffier*?

    …not that this recipe would NEED it… just curious as I did that to a cupcake recipe (aka beat the egg whites) and oh dear God the cupcakes were sooooooooooo thick! I could hardly eat one! Upon further re reading the recipe, I was to pour them in a MINI cupcake pan…. LOL such a silly mistake! My first thought was, these would be great for a wedding reception. (the mini ones) Eating two would more than likely fill you!! People would not eat half then throw the rest away. Oh i HATE that! besides, I would do my own frosting…. (sticks tongue out) …giggle

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