How To… prepare a travel kit.

So we’ve looked at how to plan for all sorts of unplanned things and be prepared just in case. But what about planned things? Well, it can help to make a kit for them too! You can craft kits for various situations that, however much we try and think, we always wind up forgetting something.

This is the travel kit. Because we all need to get on a bus, train or plane once in a while, or drive across a country, and there’s always something we wish we’d brought along. After a few trips like this it’s easy to get into the swing of things, so this kit is more for beginners and as a refresher for rusty travelers.

This is part V of my ongoing “housekeeper’s kits” series. Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV at these links.

1: The bags.

Yes, plural.

The right bags are very important for travel and your travel kits are no less important. You will ideally need one bag per traveler to keep you going until you reach your destination. The size will depend on the trip, but a small backpack each is ideal. It will be equivalent to a carry-on so everyone has whatever they need, but so it’s transportable too.

2: The kids.

Children’s needs are different to those of adults, so there are some contents that their travel packs will need to contain that yours may not. Some of these may seem obvious, especially to parents, but it’s worth creating your own checklist to ensure that you aren’t missing anything.

-favourite toy

-something they can do for hours (sketching materials, makeup set, games console, book)

-boiled sweets and antacid chewies for travel sickness

-a book of non-annoying travel games and songs

-change of shirt in case of sickness

In terms of toys, crafts and the likes, rule of thumb one is they can only bring things with parts that wouldn’t fit in a tablespoon. This way things are less likely to get lost and sets are less likely to be ruined. Rule of thumb two is they can only bring as much entertainment as they can comfortably carry in both hands. If they need to wrap their arms around it, get a plastic bag or ask you to carry it, it’s too much and may cause trouble.

3: The entertainment.

Everyone needs to be distracted at some point during a long journey, not just the kids. But we can’t exactly keep ourselves busy with a stuffed panda and eye glitter for three or four hours, especially not in the case of the driver.

For passengers:

-a book

-an audio device with music you can listen to over and over

-a notepad and a few pens

-a device you can watch a film on

-knitting or sewing

4: The snacks.

Unless you’re fasting, you may get hungry over the trip. Even when entertained, you can get bored and boredom often leads to hunger. Be sure to pack some healthy snacks to keep you going.

-fruit that isn’t easily squished

-crunchy vegetable sticks


-fruit leather


-Nakd bars

-bottled water

5: The stops.

Make sure you are ready for any stops you have to make. Bring anything you may need in the event of a stop.

-your own toilet paper

-soap (hotel bodywash bottles are perfect) or sanitizer

-change for snacks, fuel or souvenirs

-small makeup kit


6: The emergencies.

For when something actually goes wrong.

You should probably have your mini first aid kit and car breakdown book with you, but these things are also worth having close at hand.

-spare phone chargers you can use in the car or at stops

-a phonebook with names of your emergency contacts

-a spare set of car keys

And that should be all you need to pack in your travel kits.

What do you always forget when you’re traveling? I always forget earphones and chargers! Be sure to share your anecdotes and advice in the comments. 🙂

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

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