Fit Friday XXIX Fat Friday XVI. Carbs.

Done OK for the past few weeks, other than the carb issue. Every Harvest season I end up eating far too many carbs as there are fresh potatoes, pumpkins, plums, squash, apples, etc everywhere. Plus, it’s jam-making season.

But the last two weeks I seem to have got back under control with plenty of vegetable-and-meat stews and stir fries. Pie is still going in, as it should when it’s this good, but other than that I’m a carb saint and my body is quick to remind me of it.

Depression has been steady since I started avoiding most dairy and too many carbs and I’m finding the recombination of low-carb and low-dairy much easier than at first. Though pizza waffles still present temptation…

Workouts still progressing steadily. Deadlift restarted at 52.5kg without issues with form. Flat bench restarted at 30kg with still some positioning issues on my wrists. Squats 55kg, shrug 55kg, incline press 35kg, rows 35kg, overhead press 22kg, bicep curls 17kg. A few auxiliaries too. Trying to work in some more bodyweight activities again, like pullups, yoga and sprints, but the schedule is crazy already.

Plans for next week are continue eating reduced carbs to allow me to eat more pie, keep dairy low still, plenty of coconut and pork, caffeine boost due to hormone imbalance resurfacing and not wanting to have a meltdown for the next two months.

Should be adding 1kg or 2.5kg to each lift this week too, as I’m doing most of these weights easily and making good progress.

What updates does anyone else have on their fitness goals? 🙂

Comments Always Appreciated. :)

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