MacDonald’s Sex.

From what I have read and heard, the MacDonald’s Sex epidemic is a fairly novel, increasingly common complaint across the Western world, from young newlyweds to boomer couples and old married folk, from teens to centenarians, from men and women.

What is MacDonald’s Sex? It’s sex that does the job, hits the spot, makes you feel better for a short while… but in the long run leaves you in a slump, bored out of your mind and questioning your life choices.

It’s characterized by…

1: Short sessions. Whoever is finished first wants it over with quickly, more akin to quick masturbation than actual sex.

2: Semi-frequency. It’s actually not a dry well at all. Perhaps not daily or every other day, but definitely once or twice a week.

3: Goal-orientation. The goal is always in mind. Like a burger during a long road trip, you just want it over with so you can focus on other matters.

4: Lack of exploration. Because there isn’t much time nothing is attempted or introduced that could possibly lengthen the session or take your mind off what you need to do later.

5: Lack of variety. And when no exploration happens, the mix won’t exactly have much in it.

6: Distraction. Due to brevity, familiarity and boredom, neither party is exactly in the moment.

It’s basically reducing sex to it’s most basic function, the same way junk food reduces food to appetite->hunger->feeding. There is no thought put into the ingredients. There is no thought put into the greater physical and psychological aspects of sex. There is no desire to fully enjoy the experience. There is no attention paid to the actual act taking place. The couple may as well be rabbits in a field, for all the bonding, socializing and enjoyment they derive from the act.

And it’s actually pretty sad.

However long you’ve been with someone.

However many constraints your faith or morals place on the act.

However rushed or stressed or tired you are.

There’s no reason why at least once a week you can’t make time to feel like a human couple during sex.

It’s in your power to make it a deep, emotional, intense, spiritual moment.

TTFN and Happy Hunting.

6 thoughts on “MacDonald’s Sex.

    • There are actually many ways of having great sex with someone who isn’t dangerous or forbidden, as long as the sex itself is a great act.

      With free access to no-strings sex, there’s a chance that the last few generations have been “sexually lazy” and are forgoing indulging their kinks and fetishes or exploring their horizons because there is enough of a thrill in a one night stand.

      But by exploring kinks, enacting porn fantasies and turn-ons and testing boundaries you can easily have a thrilling, “verboten” sex life with one person.


  1. With the ad below your posting of THE BEST BLACK FRIDAY EVER!.

    ..giggle.. seems uh, naughty…

    I would very much agree with this line: …..reducing sex to it’s most basic function….may as well be rabbits in a field…..

    it IS sad….

    This reminds me of a time when a friend of ours (male) was relating a story of his past girlfriend not paying any attention to him which they were in the throws of passion because she was watching tv and eating chips…He commented he got his little feelings hurt. My spouse however commented he would have just **cked her….I wondered out loud looking at him. “But you like audience participation.” To my surprise, both men roared with laugher!!!

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