How To… build a tradition.

Traditions are an important part of culture, from our nation’s customs to our family’s quirks. But just because something isn’t a family tradition this festive season doesn’t mean it can’t be. There are many reasons to build a healthy tradition among your loved ones:

  1. It promotes bonding.
  2. It increases productivity.
  3. It replaces our rapidly dwindling external cultures.
  4. It takes some focus off consumerism.
  5. It refocuses us on past customs and religious observations.
  6. It gives us a sense of identity.
  7. It gives us a sense of shared identity.
  8. It promotes thankfulness.

There are definitely more, but don’t those alone highlight why we should be cultivating traditions? So if you want to build a tradition, here are some helpful tips.

1: Decide who to share it with.

You can’t just point out a few people and force a new custom on them. Choose people you will spend a lot of the holiday season, every holiday season with. These are probably the people who matter most, so whether it’s just two or three of you or whether your whole volunteering group is involved, make them a priority.

2: Choose something valuable.

If you want to do something every year, don’t go for something that is unproductive or an absolute waste. Try and find something positive. Look out for:

  • Making things.
  • Sharing experiences.
  • Working together.
  • Creating and imagining things.
  • Good feelings.
  • Faith and oneness.

These are good, strong elements of a valuable tradition.

3: Don’t force it.

You can’t just announce you will be doing something every year. Just try and make it happen and adapt the tradition to suit the people, not the other way around.

4: Encourage positively.

Reward participation and help, make the process as much fun as the result and don’t stress or put on the pressure.

5: Do the legwork.

If you’re the one who wants to “make this a thing”, then expect to do almost all the work yourself. Maybe in future years everyone will be looking forward to it and will help out some more, but for now it’s you.

6: Watch it develop.

Once the wheels are turning, your loved ones should be expressing some more interest in the new tradition and suggesting ways of changing, improving or building it. Just watch the bud burst into bloom.

What traditions are there in your family? However big or small, silly or solemn, I’d love to hear them. 🙂

Here’s to a good and wholesome celebration.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

2 thoughts on “How To… build a tradition.

  1. ours is me making my pumpkin roll

    wow, you should see who comes out to fight for the first piece!!!!! this stuff is infamous!

    it wins friends and influences people … well, at least for about 2 days… ((wink))

    Liked by 1 person

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