5 Little Acts Of Holiday Seduction.

Because why not have a bit of fun with your partner whilst you’re both home?

1: Flirty advent.

There are all sorts of fun and quirky advent ideas for people who miss the excitement of the advent calendar but who’ve had enough of strange-tasting milk chocolate of questionable origin. So why not a fun and flirty one?

Maybe they could be redeemable coupons, personal messages or little daily rewards, as naughty or nice as you need them to be, just make sure it’s all about having fun and giving. 🙂

2: Hot cocoa.

If you’re feeling cold, miserable, stressed and bored… chances are your beloved is too! Make two steaming mugs of hot cocoa, pick a film between you and snuggle up on the sofa under the blankets. Try and make some personal time for this, when the kids and pets are in bed.

3: Mistletoe.

Mistletoe, mistletoe everywhere… How about a bunch at the front door, over your partner’s seat in the kitchen and living room, in their office/study/workshop and, of course, over the bed? (Try plastic, paper or fabric mistletoe if you’re worried about allergies or small creatures -two and four legged alike- eating them!)

Then just make sure to point it out whenever you’re both underneath it. 🙂

4: Sexy Santa.

Find yourself a cute Santa apron, a Santa hat and some red slippers. Arrange some cookies/biscuits on a platter with cocoa, coffee or tea, whatever your partner prefers. Then, present them with some edible festive gifts in nothing but that.

5: Big bow.

Feel like you haven’t got enough gifts to show your beloved how important they are to you? Or that they have everything they need, so it’s hard to get something meaningful? If you want to be the icing on the pudding these holidays, then wrap yourself up in a bow on Christmas morning before handing over their presents. Whatever you wear under that is up to you.

And above all, have fun, destress and remember your partner this season.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

7 thoughts on “5 Little Acts Of Holiday Seduction.

  1. It’s funny and true about the off brand chocolate. As someone who loves chocolate, I don’t see how a company can mess that up. Have they tasted it? Makes you wonder…

    These ideas are great. Christmas is a family holiday that seems to have lost it’s original focus. It has been taken over by the kids. Throw in obligations to two families for visits, or God forbid out of town company staying with you, there isn’t much time left for a couple. This can result in stress and short tempers. Take it from a guy who has been juggling the Christmas cookies for many years now, carving out a little time for yourselves can pay huge dividends for the entire family…and the holiday.

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    • Absolutely! If you think about it, when it comes to entertaining people and giving gifts, the couple is the unit from which all other branches (kids, friends, parents, coworkers) radiate. Can’t have a dinner party or guests or presents for little ones and loved ones without the couple functioning together!

      And, on a larger level, I think “neglecting” our social expectations a little bit and spending an evening on each other or on something higher can do the world of good.

      Bad chocolate is the mystery that will never be solved, I’m afraid. I once had one that genuinely tasted like vomit smells. 😦

      Liked by 2 people

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