Objectives 2015.

Well, this year’s been absolutely insane.

My objectives have moved around a bit due to rescheduling pregnancy, but I’m not doing too badly.

1: I am making well over £50/day between all my work. 100% accomplished.

2: I have finished both books and published them as well! 100% accomplished.

3: Speaking German? Whoops. 0%.

4: Certificates? Oh dear. 0%.

5: Deadlift, squats and shrugs nearly at bodyweight and we’ll be trying for a baby in March! 80% accomplished.

6: #NoNothingNovember2014 still adhered to. I feel much better for it too. 95% accomplished.

7: Ebay established and raking in the money. 100% accomplished.

Plus we are prepared for TTC, including my crazy diet plans; we’ve made, grown and got so many things for free or cheap; my garden hasn’t grown much, but it’s ready for next year and the foraging was a huge success; the blog has went well with regularly scheduled posts; I have done some reading and crafting, though nowhere near what I would like; I’ve kept dinner parties, events and celebrations rolling over, especially now I am making enough money to balance them, and the house seems great, the dog and cat are healthy and Jon seems incredibly happy with everything. So the year’s went well. Total targets around 72%. Not too shabby. 🙂

As for next year’s goals… I have no clue yet.

We’ll be trying for a baby in February-March, so around 9 months of the year are accounted for as “what happens happens”. Provisionally, my goals will be centered around that idea.

1: Keep eating my perfect-baby-diet until I’m breastfeeding and need to adjust it a little for milk purposes. This means 90% Paleo, sugar, dairy and wheat negligible, low carb with refeeds, high vitamin and mineral content, plenty of water, 2 cups of coffee daily (no more no less), no alcohol and as few meals out as possible.

2: Actually learn German this year. Honest. I need to put any time off work to good use anyhow.

3: Get stocked up with everything baby related cheaply or for free. If you have any money-saving or time-saving baby tips, please share!

4: ?

5: ?

6: ?

7: ?

Intangible goals are also a bit up in the air, so… 😦

Until the plans are more solid, that’s where I am. To be honest, I’m nervous about planning anything around my first pregnancy. I’ll have to wait and see how everything goes.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

11 thoughts on “Objectives 2015.

  1. Money saving baby tips:
    -Make friends (or friends-of-friends) with new moms. So much of the stuff is *very* tightly age-related and will be in perfectly fine shape once baby no longer needs it. No one really wants to throw the stuff away – so if you make of yourself a known recipient, you’ll get stuff. You’re actually doing them a favor. Babies throw up on everything, “new” lasts about a day.
    -See above: Extremely Pregnant Clothing. Unless you have a very small wardrobe and wear it to bits, you end up with clothing that has been worn for perhaps a month and that you are *utterly* sick of wearing – might as well benefit from someone who wants to not-see their pile.
    -Check thrift shops. Same principle applies, especially for baby dress clothes. No one dresses their children in the “nice things” often enough for them to experience much wear. This applies through toddlerhood.
    -Start stockpiling the things that will be used up now. NOT in tiny sizes though, people will almost certainly give you that… and you’ll nest and acquire that at the end if they don’t. (My babies were big enough that the 0-3 size was 0-2 weeks…). Diapers. Onesies. Leggings – all the soft knit stuff that babies actually spend their time in.
    – Make your own nursing pillow. Yes, you will want one. They’re a lifesaver. There are patterns. Make a few covers so you can change them out. (Name brand Boppy if you want to google)
    -Make/acquire some pretty loungewear for post-baby. Hit the size you are when you’re at about 5 mo. Don’t spend much on shirts. Acquire lots of them, but don’t spend – they are going to get trashed. But cheerful things that you like that don’t belong to Jon, yes. Keep your eyes open.
    -Sock away a little money for the gear that you will absolutely want to have with a new person, if it’s not given to you. You’ll need a (new) carseat, and a jiggly baby thing and a baby carrier. If you are given it, woot! You can spend on something else. If not, you don’t have to worry about the budget.

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    • Thank you so much! We already have a “baby fund” started. £700 in an ISA and we have a jar that we put £1 and £1 bits into at the end of the week. Got to save a bit (a lot) more this year for “maternity leave” though. 🙂

      I don’t know how I don’t think of some of those things, though. Nursing pillow, loungewear… need to get started on them. 😀

      Any tips about converting high-waist skirts to bump-size and back again? Maybe with an elastic bit, or a patterned inserted panel? I can sort of see how to do it with the paneled denims, but I have some new ones that I’m not so ready to cut at.


      • Mostly, just don’t try. You can use an elastic (they make them, or you can use a hair-tie) as an expander for your waist on skirts or pants (under a shirt). This works for your first trimester.

        But most humans don’t just get a basketball … they get bigger everywhere. The “boobie fairy” will land in the first couple of months… and she’ll be back in the last trimester. Your ribcage will widen in the second/third trimester (it lasts about a year post-partum) so that baby has more room to move around. Basically your body changes -and even if you’re back to pre-preg weight 3 months after baby comes, you will not fit in your pre-preg clothes. (That will probably come, if you’re disciplined, but don’t count on it – your breasts and hips may be permanently changed. Or not. No way to know. And that doesn’t necessarily mean “bigger” – often larger busted women get smaller).

        Now, btw, is not a good time to make investments in shoes. Someone has told you that it is common to go up a half shoe size or so? (Only the first pregnancy – all of this is the difference between a maiden and a mother – you don’t keep changing with each baby)

        This whole thing can be super traumatizing. What with the mess and the body changes, too many new moms hide out in their husband’s tshirts and stretchy pants for far longer than they’re actually “confined”. Better to embrace it.

        I’ll dig around and see if I can’t find a preggy pic to email you, at term with my first.

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      • Thank you! I’ll try and stay calm as my skeleton basically rebuilds itself, then. 🙂 I knew about the feet and bust, but didn’t know much about the hip size or ribs. I wonder if how much the lower ribs expand can be guessed from how wide the main ribcage is? Because if my low ribs widen anywhere near as much as my chest ribs, I might literally become a barrel. :p


  2. I only gained baby weight. I didn’t look pregnant from behind. I wasn’t able to comfortably wear my normal clothing though. Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans and a well fitting nursing bra.

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  3. For me the last 4 weeks before due date were when I went into crazy nesting mode and bought loads of stuff I didn’t think I needed before – breast pump (hand expressing is much easier for me), grow bag (he has always had blankets instead), weaning stuff, just tons of stuff I didn’t end up needing but felt I HAD to have – thanks crazy hormones.

    Don’t panic about a routine, learn how to co sleep safely before it happens accidentally one night, and enjoy your pregnancy and first few months! I was so panicked about having three meals on the table every day, house spotless, getting out every day, showered, etc I feel in hindsight I should have just curled up in bed with bubs more often for cuddles in those first few months.

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  4. Also: buy The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding and read it before the arrival off the baby. It will save you a ton in formula if you can predict problems and correct them quickly if they arise x

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