8 Reasons to get an Olde Schoole Meate Grinder!

Yes, I got an old fashioned meat grinder! A Spong of London, Model 1 meat grinder from the late 1800s, to be precise. And no, I’m not crazy. Here are my first five reasons to get one too!

1: Easy to use.

I have to admit, I thought it would be a bit harder to use too. But it’s not! Slot the screw into the main piece, attach the grinder end you want and screw it to the table. Turning it is quick and easy and the food is processed in no time.

2: Meat prep.

Making your own mince is one of the best things you will ever do. Get a whole turkey, mince it down and marvel at how much cheaper it is than turkey mince. Mince liver and heart into burger patties. Make it cheap as you want, all in minutes!

3: Mashed potatoes.

There is so much you can do with it! Just put potatoes through for smoothly mashed tatties.

4: Nut butters.

Soak nuts or seeds in warm water, put them through the grinder with a bit of suitable oil and salt. Enjoy.

5: Sausages.

Mince your meat or fake meat up nicely. Mash in your flavourings. Attach a casing to the end of the grinder. Push the ingredients through one last time.

6: Easy to clean.

Many modern food processors are nightmares to clean. Stringy stuff around blender blades, a thousand compressor units and tricky electrical bita that can’t get wet.

None of that rubbish the the old fashioned meat grinder! Take off the grinder tools at the end. Pull the screw out of the body. Wash with warm water until clean. Air dry. Pat dry. Store.

7: Safe.

Many modern food processors are also dangerous. Blending blades, electric units, hot parts…

The meat grinder, on the other hand, is fairly safe. It has no sharp parts, no automatic components. You just drop things in the top and crank the handle. And if you pinch your finger, it’s minor and easy to rectify!

8: Nigh impossible to break.

On that note, it’s a great slab of metal. No plastic. No tiny screws. No pins. Just two base components and a few solid attachments. It has lasted over a hundred years and will last longer, in good hands!

So that is why I now own and love a vintage meat grinder. What are your thoughts on the older tools? Got any you use today, or miss?

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


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2 thoughts on “8 Reasons to get an Olde Schoole Meate Grinder!

  1. I have a huge meatgrinder, very automatic, that I use to make mass quantities of hamburger in one go (I also have a deep freeze). I don’t like the food-safety/quality of buying ready-made, and can often find bulk beef for less than the price of ground, so that’s what I do. Welcome to the grinding club!

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    • Thanks! I keep finding myself putting more and more random things into it: blending pork and bacon mince, adding chorizo, mashing potatoes through with turkey… The novelty may wear off eventually, but I really think it’s expanded my culinary repertoire.

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