How To… fake it til you make it. The right mindset.

The idea of faking it til you make it has done the rounds for a while, pretty much since the earliest human written wisdom we can locate. The concept is simple: put on the shoes, and if they don’t fit you’ll grow into them.

But in the modern era of entitlement the concept has become twisted to mean deceiving others for personal gain. Which is not actually the effective way of doing this. So here are some pointers on how you can fake it til you make it… properly, and for results.

1: If the boots don’t fit… check the feet.

Sometimes the boots just don’t fit. You can pretend that gender and race are social constructs all you like, but faking being a black man when you’re an asian woman isn’t going to work. OK, that example goes a bit far. But how about a more realistic one: you can love art all you want, but faking being a great artist, if you lack the talent and the skill, will not make you great. Some things are not meant to be.

2: If the boots are too big… work on it.

So the feet are great: you have a solid foundation to build your new identity on. What now? Well, now you put the work in. Faking, in and of itself, is not making. The very core of “fake it til you make it” implies you should probably be putting some energy into becoming the person you appear to be.

3: You’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

This is a big one. You’re not fooling anyone. If you’re a novice lecturer, all the senior lecturers know where you are. You will not trick them. If you are trying to care for the garden, the neighbours won’t believe your spiel about some raspberries “don’t like rich clay soil”. And you’re not meant to fool anyone else. You’re not faking it to make people think you are a pro, you’re faking it to give yourself the confidence to persist.

4: Persist and you will learn.

Ultimately, giving up is the main way you will lose every battle. Keep going. Keep working on it. Whatever you’re working towards, you will learn something. Maybe you will learn what you set out to discover. Maybe you will learn other skills that your transfer into your life in general. Maybe you will learn that your ability to judge your own talents is really bad. But you will learn something along the way.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


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