FitFriday, FatFriday VIII. We’re having a baby!


Yep, we did it! I am approximately 12 weeks and four days pregnant, which gives us a current due date of boxing day. Here’s hoping for an early or a late one! 😛 Will get the 20 week scan properly printed and put up here, but for now we’re letting the tiny thing do some more growing, as it currently spends most of its time upside down and looks vaguely like some sort of a cartoon character.

Jon is excited, but a little unhappy that it’s still so small as he wants it to be big and strong sooner. I have been telling him that it will happen soon enough, but he seems to want the next three months out of the way as fast as possible so the baby is more in the clear and we know it’s healthy all round.

I’ve also been really lucky and/or careful: no excess mucus production, no morning sickness, no constipation, minimal bloating, minimal aversions, minimal tiredness. Basically a bit like when I’m depressed, where I was a drowsy recluse for a couple of days, but seriously nothing that bothered me. Unsure how I managed it, but I’m glad I have!

On the downside I have had trouble staying asleep, a constantly full bladder and weak tendons from laxity. But you can’t win them all and so far I’m pretty happy.


Was a bit bad over the weekend as we had another MeatFeast, but other than that I have been eating well, focusing on plenty of protein and plants and not too much salt, sugar, or processed fats. Still at no alcohol and down to one cup of coffee and maybe some chocolate on most days. Will still sometimes have three cups of coffee, but it’s so rare and almost every day I have one or none. ^^


Still making good progress, though of course I know it may grind to a halt if I don’t keep working hard at them, or if baby-growing starts to take too much energy.

Incline press is 37.5kg for 6×4.

Squats are 58.5kg for 4×4, bicep curls are 7.5 each hand for 4×4.

Rows are 37.5 for 6×4, tricep kickbacks are 5kg for 2×12.

I’m also making a point of getting in some 10-30 minute constant calisthenics workouts every other day. Pullups had to fall by the wayside after I angered one of the lax tendons in my lower abs, though. 😦 Still hurts weeks later, so maybe I should avoid them when my abdominals are going to be splitting soon.

How did your week in fitness go? Any questions about the pregnancy so far? 😀

TTFN and Happy Hunting!

6 thoughts on “FitFriday, FatFriday VIII. We’re having a baby!

  1. Congrats! 🙂

    I hit CF twice and the beach three times, on my summer ultra-calorie-burning-fest. Lightening up the weights a bit as I go for fat loss, just enough to maintain my muscle mass.

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