FitFriday, FatFriday XII.


Well, I had a continual headache from Monday morning through Wednesday. That wasn’t fun. Jon said it sounded like a migraine from how much pain and confusion it was causing, only it didn’t react to light or sound. So just an awful headache. Went to the drs, just in case. Apparently some women “just get them” and after a check up they said no risk of pre-eclampsia, but let’s check the iron levels. Will find out if I was anemic by Monday. Though I have a faint suspicion that some lemon squash I was guzzling might have had something to do with it. No squash = no headaches. If it was the culprit, I’m not sure if I managed to overhydrate again or if it has a compound that triggers headaches in me.

But I’m finally getting used to baby’s “routine”, which is good. He will wake up with me and kick me in the intestines until I have my morning coffee, a bit after which he calms down. Unsure if this means he may have the same hormone issue I have, or if he’s just reacting to my own hormone regulation. OTOH, he is very little and probably not developing anything disordered yet, OTOH, caffeine passes through the placenta far better than hormones, so it’s probably that he reacts to. Then he will have two busy days for every quiet day, so on quiet days I will hardly feel him and on busy days he won’t stop kicking me senseless. And every day, when I lay down to go to bed, he kicks about a bit, rolls over several times and seems to settle into a pattern of resting and rolling as I fall asleep. I guess he appreciates the stillness after a busy day!


Doing pretty good. I was so sure I was getting fat, and then I find out my weight is STILL stable. I’d better not be losing muscle anywhere. More pics when Jon has the time to get a nice full-body one of me not looking too slouchy or unclothed.

Managing to keep within my calorie ranges and the baby is growing fine, so, considering everything, I’m just going to stick at it. Lowering my sugar intake in favour of more complex carbs, though, because fresh and dried fruit and plain sugar have crept up and I’d like to not go on a sweets binge. Less sugar, more starch and protein.


I have been very, very bad with weights this week. General activity: great. Some gardening, resistance bands, yoga, walking the dog, nice long walk to the drs for that blood test… Weights have sort of been missed a lot. But there’s always something. Either I’m overtired, or I have lessons, or we have an errand, or something. I hope next week I can get back to it, because I know that if I don’t keep my weight workouts steady, I may suddenly lose some power and will have to roll the weights back for another six months. 😦

How did your week in fitness go?

5 thoughts on “FitFriday, FatFriday XII.

  1. Thanks for asking.

    My week in fitness went for shit. I’ve been meaning to start walking all over this city (Metro Toronto, which is near Manhattan to the northwest). But for various reasons my exercise regime has been delayed. My foot has finally healed enough for me to move.

    I was going to critique your writing and offer tips, but really there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s your style. I copied-and-pasted one of your paragraphs, started looking over it, and then realized that if I were going to rephrase it, it would become MY style. It wouldn’t necessarily be an improvement, just a different lens. I can see where you’re coming from, your writer’s Voice.

    It’s simple but reasonably effective. Short linkages. My baby: fine. The weather is nice, which is satisfying. [ Things like that. ]

    I don’t know why I’m on your website. I’m never drawn to female writing, and you’re not going to suck me off, so I don’t really know what the point is. I think I’m aridly curious about you. You seem to be … I don’t know …. how to put you? …. you don’t seem as “lost” as most chicks, and you’re not miserable, like so many are, and you don’t seem to have any visible beefs against your husband (I assume your bitching will begin in earnest later on in the marriage, like most cunts), but…. overall you seem calm, disciplined, positive and forthright. You’re like a quiche that’s been baked just right.

    Well, anyway. That’s all for now. I will return later to read your reply to me. ~ Greg

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    • I’d suggest weighted walking as soon as your foot can handle it. Half an hour daily at 20-27kg and my calorific requirements leapt up to over 4000 despite my BMR being only 1350. It’s like a few hours at the gym, all in one. But you need the foot to “bed in” to its healing, whatever was the matter with it, first.

      Writing styles are an awkward thing. A lot of my work is writing for other people and proofreading and I sometimes find it hard to give them their own voices. After a day of that, my own writing style is a bit lazier. Can see why it might seem off when you first read it.

      We’re actually about five point five years into the relationship and nearly three years into cohabitation, believe it or not. And I have a minor depressive disorder, which I’m not exactly cagey about on here. I just aim to live by a happiness principle. You may see more of it if you stick around here, but quite simply I have enough trouble in my own head without causing it in the real world, and would rather enjoy life than not. Selfishly positive.


  2. The week was super confusing. I’m going to have to do some adjustments coming up. The longer lifting sessions (which I adore) really throw a wrench into my energy levels – I need an extra day of recovery time, I think… which may mean switching nearly entirely to the lifting and going to open gym for intense cardio and walking (ooh, weighted walking, I’m so going to try that) for fatburning. I don’t know…. CF is excellent for endurance and heart-exercise, but I’ve got to change something, what I’m doing is not sustainable. Just lifting? My body loves it. I love it. My pain hangovers tend to be much less hangovery. My body is visibly changed (not lighter, but changed, after only a couple of weeks). I can feel my body cheering… but is it enough??

    The changing output makes my input cravings nutso… like, I’m not hungry the day after a session particularly, but two days out, I feel depleted and low-blood-sugar exhausted, which is awful for the diet. Coach said to take fish oil (yuck) which I am doing. No changes yet. Taking B too, and as usual, excellent nutrition minus depleted-find-me-some-sugar days.

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    • Weighted walking is awesome for building up overall stamina. ^^ The more I look back on it, the more I can see why Roman soldiers and old-timey scouts stayed in such great shape, sans-gym. :p Can’t wait to have a reliable core again so I can pick the bag back up and powermarch through the countryside.

      My hunger-silencers when I feel starving from weights had two criteria: more protein and fibre than fat, more fat than carbs, more carbs than sugars. So a great snack is jerky or salad or scrambled egg whites, a good snack is peanut butter or boiled eggs and an acceptable snack, if all else fails, is a salad with fruit, or peanut butter on apple slices. Got to find ones you love the taste of, too. And sometimes a mega-salad or mega-soup for lunch fills me up more than anything, which is weird because they have to have only around 100-200kcal.

      Hang in there, it sounds like you are literally halfway to breaking your body into its new life! After the next couple of hurdles you’ll suddenly find it super easy not only to work out, but to eat right and keep your energy up at the same time. It’s like magic when it hits.


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