FitFriday, FatFriday XIV. Back from holiday.

Been away a little bit due to staying in Gran Canaria with our friends G&A. Had an awesome time, although I wish I had done the usual millenial thing and taken a billion photos, rather than the one or two here and there. It was all so pretty and it feels like I need a picture of everything to compensate for my leaky memory. ^^ Being pregnant does get in the way of a few fun activities (no swimming with sealions because pheromones, no water sports because bumping around, no seafood… but I didn’t follow that one], but it was still pretty awesome.


Considering that at almost 26 weeks my midwife told me that I was measuring and weighing right for an average first pregnancy at 24 weeks, I shouldn’t be surprised that the bump sort of exploded out this last week. Still a bit small for 27, even for first baby, but I’m also pretty sure that the ridiculous tension my abs are capable of might be responsible. Baby is wriggly and happy and last scanned at exactly the right size, so I’m not too fussed. Plus, our DINK friends were suitably freaked out by the moleman impressions going on whenever I was in a bikini, which was funny.


That said, I also ate like a bit of a pig on holiday. It was so good to have proper Spanish food again. We had a mix of cheap local places, touristy restaurants and higher end ones, all of which were cheaper and tastier than most counterparts in the UK. I broke pretty much every diet book rule: no counting calories, all the carbs and pastries I wanted, slight excess of caffeine, seafood, dairy galore, etc. I doubt I went much over 2000-2500kcal/day, though, due to the lack of internal space, the fact my UK average was only 1400/day, and the lactose intolerance ruining my fat absorption most days. Pure gluttony, to be honest. But I loved it and my body isn’t any worse for wear. I adjusted back to Spanish food really quickly and, as usual, had no issues at all with novel bacteria and a more chemicalized water source. Immune system of iron, I’m telling ya!


No weights for a week, because holiday. We walked loads, went swimming at the waterpark and in the pool and sea, and I made a point of still doing my usual basic housekeeping like dishes, cooking and laundry, even if the suite had someone to do the cleaning for us. I brought some resistance bands with me, but didn’t really touch them.

Weirdly enough, it seems my weights have not gone down despite a 16 day gap between some workouts. I’ve always retained muscle quite well, but I was expecting a bit of a let down after spending most of my time relaxing. However the weights are pretty much where I left them, so thank you progesterone.

How did your week/s in fitness go?

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


7 thoughts on “FitFriday, FatFriday XIV. Back from holiday.

  1. As always, your commentary on your pregnancy is excruciatingly boring — but I have a soft spot for you anyway, Alice.

    Ahem. Greg Nikolic here. Remember me? Elite Avenue? I deleted that shit and started a new website, which you’ll wanna visit regularly (and leave sexy smoking comments at . . .)

    Someday, I plan on having you in my arms in real life.

    Oh, your BABY. Right. What to do, what to do . . .


      • I added rain and lightning on the right side of the screen in your honor.

        Alice, there’s an article on women on my site, already. It’s about my theory that women aren’t narcissitic because the Female Herd hammers down on the heads of good-looking chicks, making em humble. I love staring at my beautiful male face in the mirror — but strangely, hot women DON’T.

        Why don’t you add your own legitimate feminine opinions to that piece — NOW. *pointed tap on your arm*

        I PROMISE I will NEVER meet you, 0% chance, if you don’t begin to step forward and exert yourself.

        Oh, and it’s always surpassive of standard.

        P.S. I would like to make a blog request. Talk about sex and how it feels to have an engorged penis entering your vagina. I would actually find THAT interesting — and not because I’m a horndog. I get enough pussy in my real life. But I want to hear your unique female thoughts and worldview, that I can’t easily get from the ass in my own life. It’s like me asking them what it’s like to have a period. They just stare at me, or blush and demur. Your kind is INFURIATING. So use your femaleness as an advantage, instead of boring the fuck out of me with your pregnancies. You savvy?


  2. Nice job retaining your muscle mass and maintaining your weight! As for me, I switched up my workout routine a bit from strictly resistance with a bit of cardio to more endurance-oriented workouts since I’m training to hike a high-altitude mountain at the end of this year/beginning of next. I do add in resistance, but don’t focus too much on bulking anymore due to different goals. The point is to keep your bodies guessing!

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    • Sounds like you have an awesome hike planned! 😀 I heard somewhere you can prepare your body for altitude exercise by increasing red blood cell count. Diet, endurance exercise, even breath control. And yeah, having a bigger body that demands more calories might not be the best way up a mountain. ^^


  3. UPDATE — OCT 5, 2016 —

    SuperSlavis Wife, I wrote an article — a simple one you must like — on women.

    If you leave one comment I’ll tickle your clit until you have a 20-second shuddering-stomach orgasm.

    Look for the neon-blue dark “Machiavellian” lipstick that I imagine you wearing as you type it in . . .


  4. Goot gawd, you are such a pissy fag, SG.
    Sorry for that, ma’am. I hope and pray all is well with you and yours. Take care of yourself and that dear child you are carrying. I know you are, I just want you to know I am praying for you. May God richly bless you and yours.

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