Blue Pill behaviour puts magic before accountability.

Whether it’s in the form of feminism, Marxism, or what the Red Pill describe as “Beta”, Blue Pill behaviour seems to be born of blind idealism. They deny reality for pleasantries that defy reality. However, I put it to you that blind idealism is not completely blind. Instead, it is a sort of casual self-deception, a willful ignorance designed to protect oneself.

Take, for instance, the concept of a “soulmate”, ubiquitous wherever Blue Pill mentality emerges. Whilst it is indeed possible to be in a relationship with someone you are highly compatible with, and even many more realistic people will accept the possibility of developing a unique bond from which a couple may enable each other, it is only under Blue Pill mentality that the soulmate becomes:

  • ineffable
  • unconditional
  • eternal
  • predestined

Thus, the assumption is that your soulmate was chosen for you before you knew about it, cannot have a flaw, will love you forever and no matter what.

The reality of “soulmates” is that you chose your soulmate, that you crafted each other into what you needed, that your love is conditional and that whilst you accept their flaws, you can still see them… even if they are not flaws in your eyes.

The reality requires you to work hard. You must be a desirable person to the sort of person you wish to attract. You must accept their flaws – whether you personally take issue with them or whether they are flaws on a societal or cultural level. You must be open about your own flaws. You must accept their conditions for love and they must accept yours.

But that isn’t pleasant, or easy. The Blue Pill ideal of love is almost parental instead. They want a sexual partner who loves them intrinsically and unconditionally, for their shining, eternal, invisible, intangible soul. Thus, a “soulmate”, to them, is someone who requires no work to conquer, to love and to care for. Someone who brings no grief, no worries, no conflict, no pressure, intentionally or incidentally, for better or for worse.

When they see a pair who have achieved a balance through hard work and focus and deep love, all they see is some magical aura which unites the two, a red string between their fingers, a zodiac alignment, a mystical bond. They seize this as proof that soulmates exist exactly as they would define them.

Because to accept that everyone who has something good, on some level must work for it, is to accept that they are not putting in the work.

And that might require them to change.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


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5 thoughts on “Blue Pill behaviour puts magic before accountability.

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  2. Hello, Alice.

    When I was arrogant and dismissive Sorcerygod, you refrained from commenting on my site; now that I’m more (slightly) polite Greg Nikolic, you comment.

    *wry smile* That’s EXACTLY what all women try to do to me. “Teach” me a better way of behavior.

    But what ends up happening is I TEACH THEM instead.

    *shrugs* Still . . . I’ll comment on your post.

    The “blue pill” men are idealists in love. There is nothing wrong with that. The only problem is that women want to be treated like shit, by stronger men than themselves. The problem is not the blue pill men — it is that women are basically “depraved” and “damaged” in their needs.

    But I notice YOU don’t take the blame for your entire gender’s failings ,do you?

    *playing smile*

    Of course not. HOW LIKE A WOMAN.


    • Actually, you’ve just stopped doing those annoying over the top *gestures* that put me off reading.

      There is plenty wrong with idealism. If we all believed in flowery fairy tales we’d just end up as Marxist feminists dying in the jaws of nature. The idea that there is some magic “soulmate”, “equality” or “justice” out there and that only other people stand in the way is inviting failure, therefore we need to strip it away. Instead, it’s better to go by seeing the charms in the more brutal struggle we were designed to survive. Think of how we worshipped and feared death and disease, guns and bombs. We never liked them, but that healthy awe, respect and that slight acknowledgement of their beauty keeps us going. “Nice” things are for children, not adults.


  3. My problem with women has always been excessive arrogance and ego and vanity. I preen in front of women, enjoying my male beauty which exceeds all theirs.

    Naturally, women feel insecure, even the HB8, 9, and 10s. Because you don’t revel in your own looks, due to group-conformity from your own kind, which causes you to be blind.

    You know, Alice, you’re kinda cute . . .

    . . . do you have any naked pics you’d like to show us (me)?


    • None I’d like to show, nope. And you’ve clearly never met a female narcissist if you think we can’t revel in our own looks. I’ve walked into things trying to check myself out in shop windows. If anything, it was a battle to cultivate modesty, especially after the hard work I put into looking like this. Unsure about women with fewer DT traits, but it’s definitely possible.


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