FitFriday, Fat Friday XVIII. It just keeps growing.


Which is a good thing, considering how small it was until recently. I seem to be catching up with where I should be and, other than a bit of fluid retention, it’s all gone to the belly, so I know it’s more baby and other relevant substances. A bit of relief, to be fair. Still not grown into my old stretch marks yet, though. I’m wondering exactly how fat I used to be, because I’m willing to bet both my memory and the scarce pictures are failing to convey the sheer volume to me.

Finally got myself to pack the hospital bags with baby things. Survivability is so high at this stage that I don’t need to worry about the sad bits and can stash a few clothes and tiny nappies in the bag. It still feels kind of surreal, but my body’s a lot faster to remind me of the soon-to-be new arrival lately.


Despite the physical challenges, I’m reintegrating high rep workouts for a simple reason: the combined hormone imbalances of pregnancy and cyclothymia are leaving me so neurologically challenged that I’m managing to break almost everything I touch. Squeeze things that should be held gently, drop things that shatter, and generally walk into things and “miss” when I reach to pick something up. I need my eyes to be focused a bit more often and my hands to do what I want them to at least half the time. And the only thing I’m not doing to try and get in order is weights.

It’s weird not being able to physically do some lifts, but it feels great to build a bit of work back in despite awkwardly moving around the bump for some exercises. And the regulatory powers of exercise are sheer magic.


Still restricting high GI foods, though I found out milk chocolates are apparently low GI, which is kind of cool. Calories are where they are, but I checked yesterday and they haven’t changed much from when I was controlling them more closely. Snacking on veg seems a lot more appetizing lately and salt is really not wanted any more. I think I may just keep playing it by instinct unless the volume of food gets really out of hand.

How did your week in fitness go?

6 thoughts on “FitFriday, Fat Friday XVIII. It just keeps growing.

  1. When I write my website, I always think of the audience.

    The biggest sin of amateurs (I’m a pro) is that they indulge themselves constantly. They act as if the audience is a lock-in or worse doesn’t exist.

    You’re not cultivating an audience to your site. Why not?

    I’ve already said what I want to see and read from you — frank talk on sexuality, something surprising and not-typically-feminine (i.e. less recipes and babytalk), your true thoughts on Jon (if you dared), and maybe a renegade/rebel streak here or there to de-vaginalize you and re-humanize you. For instance, you talk about the Person-females who issue “rules” from on high and why you obey these. THAT would interest me.

    You have a golden opportunity to be the world’s only interesting woman. All you have to do is implement some of my (golden) suggestions.


  2. I’d like to expand.

    Men are blind and stupid about women. I am not. I know that Persons rule your gender, and you slavishly run like little dogs to obey them all. Persons are inhuman, emotionless creatures who repel men and have to cheat to get a boyfriend, whom they promptly enslave. They pine to have Person-daughters who can then run roughshod over ordinary People like you.

    Men are Things. “I hope my son values People over Things.”

    Have I missed anything? Oh yes, all that mysterious Talking you girls do without aid of cell phones. And new “rules” that come down from the Mollys, Elizabeths and Sarahs with all the old-fashioned names although there is no “name-rule.”

    You see, I listen to you chicks where power is in question. Men are too stupid to know ANY of this. And there’s more . . .

    Why not discuss this in a civilized manner with me?


  3. *softly*

    You know, Alice, I really am sexy and charming. That’s no act. I’ve been rude with you but I can be VERY sweet and likable.

    All you have to do is give me what I want. Start by discussing Persons . . .


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