FitFriday, FatFriday XIX. Getting tired of this.


I’d been warned I’d get tired of pregnancy and I figured “fair enough, not like I’ll exactly enjoy all the side-effects”. I had seriously underestimated how fast your ability to function goes downhill. I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy and in the last week or so I’m overtired, puffy, losing my appetite, not got a great sense of balance and am forgetting everything. So yeah, I could do with the next 5 weeks passing super quick. Got another scan in 2 weeks to make sure all is still well, but it seems to all be on track.


It’s weird to think only a few weeks ago I was eating everything. Now I can’t fit any food in at all. Avoiding junk is the least of my worries.


With all this complaining, I’m actually pleased to say I’m still doing a few weights sessions a week, keeping on top of the garden and doing calisthenics and yoga whenever I can. My balance may be shot, but keeping active keeps me sane. Can’t wait to get back to proper powerlifting again.

How did your week in fitness go?

9 thoughts on “FitFriday, FatFriday XIX. Getting tired of this.

  1. Yes, that last five-six weeks functions to get you ready for labor. “Whatever. Get it out. 24 hours and pushing out a watermelon? Sign me up. Let’s go.” Get plenty of rest, as you can.

    I PR’d my backsquat last night, so that makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • I’ve even taken up some… ahem, stretching exercises to start getting the body ready. And the knowledge that in my family we’re usually a week or two early doesn’t bother me as much. Jon still looks somewhere between distressed and confused when I tell him it may be as little as three weeks. But I’m counting down the days until the baby and the body are separate. :p

      I have some serious catching up to do with you where weights are concerned. I’m starting to feel like such a lightweight even at my old numbers, and they’re bound to have gone down. The competition begins anew in the new year. ๐Ÿ˜€


      • LOL I outweigh you even pregnant, and you shouldn’t stress your body, it’s pretty busy right now making a human being. I have some year-end goals which I probably won’t achieve, but maybe…. my coach is creative, even though she teaches olympic lifting, not power. I’m a lot stronger from her work, I can tell you.

        If I had it to do over again, deep squats and relaxation techniques would be something I’d work on. If you can get some other bit of your body to relax on cue, might be helpful.

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      • I’m still holding Asian squats and wallsits FOREVER, which I’m pleased about. I had a feeling it might come in handy. Although I know I’m lucky to have the Slav’s shorter limbs, which makes the Asian squat comfortable rather than awkward. I’ve seen long-limbed Celtic and Germanic people trying to do it and they usually look so awkward.


      • LOL Yes, those will come in handy indeed. Do try to labor upright if they’ll let you, as long as they’ll let you. You’ve done your Lamaze class or equivalent?



    Ah yes, my vain and beautiful self! I’m killing

    New website:

    Easier for the peons to remember.


    Where’s my article by you describing what it feels like to have a rigid penis slowly enter into you? I swear I’m NOT trying to bully you. Just makin’ some requests.

    Your comments to my (now-deceased) old site were especially good. It’s ALMOST LIKE you were tapping into Jon’s mind to get those big words and concepts out.

    Chicks are funny. Other request: What is meant when all the girls of a city “TALK” to each other on that secret, non-cellular channel you can use. I’m SURE we males would be MOST interested in that.

    P.P.S. I am reserving a place for you in my Toronto harem in real-life. Gonna have to ditch that baby of Jon’s but it’s what the lions do in nature so I feel awright bout it.

    Thanks. Love you too, Alice.

    Feels good to be my old self.


    • Having to remove the *gestures* again for you.

      And yeah, Jon and I are pretty much a hivemind. It’s got to the point where our friends don’t know or care which one it is who responds to texts or messages as they know it’s consistent with both of us. Unsure how much is me adopting his behaviours and mindset, but probably a lot. I think Sigma types and other outsiders with influence like to imprint themselves on people and to coach others into being more like them. Whereas extroverts are happy to get others to serve them. Reflects in friendships, followers and partners, so I suppose it happens at work and in parenting too, though I’m yet to see it.


  3. Keep my gestures in.

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