Pockets pockets pockets.

So I have a few sewing projects on the go. Something fun/creepy, something for charity, and around a million clothing modifications. We did a big clothing clear-out, getting rid of things that I don’t wear or that don’t fit quite right now my hips and bust have expanded. I found a few clothes I wanted to give away… but just because of one tiny flaw. So I decided instead to hold a few back and modify them so that they suited me perfectly. And one of the mods I’m doing is: pockets.

We all know the struggle of not having functional pockets on dresses, skirts, etc. There are even online clothing stores which stock nothing but clothes with pockets. And some of my favourite clothes don’t have them.

Fair enough, I’m not sure I could pull off pockets on a bodycon dress. So that one will have to stay intact unless I get super creative. But my wrap dress, 3 A-line skirts, fitted denim skirt, and summer dress? They’ll be getting the pocket treatment. I’ll put up pics and tutorials as I go, and we can see how well it all works out.

What’s a modification you’ve made, or would love to make, to your clothes?

6 thoughts on “Pockets pockets pockets.

    • The logic is “this item of clothing is meant to look like this, and I don’t want someone to put keys in it and make it ugly”. So basically they either think we’re too dumb to know what looks right, or they think looking right is more important than having keys, or they are planning on selling us a handbag. 😛


  1. I modify a few things, but not my RTW stuff. Hm. The shirts I make for my husband are designed with his cell phone in mind – that’s how I sized the breast pocket. My regular clothes? Fit properly. I set my hems to my personal proportional “best”… I tend to think of most of that stuff as pattern fitting more than anything else tho.

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    • I’ve always loved modding clothes, from patterns to add-ons. I just managed to separate myself from a hand-painted t-shirt I’d had for YEARS. Completely unflattering to me, in white with rainbow coloured designs on it, overstretched from pregnancy, and the paint chipping off. But I hate parting with stuff I’ve crafted. 😦


      • ASG group had a cool way to play with clothes and flowers… I’m going to have to try it with an ivory skirt that’s past its best. Will let you know how it works out. Since you need more hobbies. 😀


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