About the Superslaviswife.


The Superslaviswife is the next step up from the Slaviswife. A Slaviswife is what happens when a general Slav encounters someone or something it attaches to. This attachment will cause its normally unquenchable bloodthirst and immense fury to calm down, exposing its soft, maternal side. Normally the soft side is quickly controlled but, when the emotion is reciprocated, the Slav may make the connection permanent, thus evolving into a Slaviswife.

The Slaviswife continues to display the main traits of a Slav (irritability, misanthropy, violent outbursts, passive moments, a distrusting and unstable nature and extreme narcissism), but tempers these traits with affection, trust and an attempt to combine the object of its affection with its own ego. If the object is already similar to it, fusion may happen, allowing the Slaviswife to largely return to being itself, bar the odd display of affection. This affection is more akin to self-pampering and self-affirming than to an unconditional, uncontrolled love.
[CAUTION: A Slaviswife’s affection is normally expressed by biting, scratching and feeding the object of said affection. This is not to be misinterpreted for aggression. It is love.]

A Superslaviswife happens when the Slaviswife continues to improve upon itself and progress. Whilst a Superslav is a well-documented phenomenon, what happens when the same progress is made by a Slaviswife is relatively undocumented.So far it appears to display the same behaviours as a Slaviswife, simply with greater confidence. Yet, as we know from Superslavs, an upgraded Slav is a force to be reckoned with. The likes of Tesla, Dostoyevsky, Tchaikovsky and Ivan the Terrible were not created by confidence alone.
It is suspected that similar improvements would be observed during the progression of a Slaviswife to a Superslaviswife.

There's no such thing as gratuitous pictures of retro dresses. Or of this retro dress, anyway. I love this dress.

There’s no such thing as gratuitous pictures of retro dresses. Or of this retro dress, anyway. I love this dress.

Me, myself and I.

15 thoughts on “About the Superslaviswife.

  1. Good Housekeeping 101 => Inspiring! Thank you for taking the time to post it. more importantly, however, thank you for investing the time and energy to compose such a positive and productive life outlook.

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  2. I 💜 This so much. I’m half Slav and all wife (and mom, and other things). The point about displaying affection by biting and scratching…yes, over and over. I’ve known about your blog for years but never engaged. I’ll be reading more. Hearthrose & co are mutual friends. God bless!

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