How Jon’s bag turned out.

Some of you may recall a bag I made for myself a while back.


Well, it was Jon’s turn this time. I made him a “camping, festivals and outings bag” for his last festival work, before I resumed making the nappy bag for the baby.

Like my one, it’s 99% from scratch, including things like the zippers and the eyelets on the straps. Only things I didn’t make: the leather belts, the metal bits.

It has:

  • fairly flat colours and mostly stainproof, other than the lining
  • leather and denim features
  • solid belt-style straps
  • a drawstring close
  • a fold-over water-resistant top
  • shoulders shaped to his back with wire and padded for comfort
  • a large main section
  • a water-resistant inner pocket
  • two huge zippered side pockets
  • two huge open side pockets
  • a small sweets pocket at the front
  • ties for attaching loose items like shoes and coats
  • two hooks for clipping on headphones and other items

I think I did quite well.

Front view.

Front view.

Side view.

Side view.

Side view.

The straps.

The straps.

How the straps sit.

How the straps sit.

Fully loaded, side view.

Fully loaded, side view.

Fully loaded, on back.

Fully loaded, on back.

Yeah, we both kind of like the anime look. 😛

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


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How To… prepare a “ladies’ kit”.

This post will discuss menstrual matters. Most men may not need to read this or feel comfortable reading it. However, if you are a woman, have daughters or just want to take care of someone who’s having a hard time this month, then the language will be kept polite and clear.

This is part VI of my ongoing “housekeeper’s kits” series. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V at these links.

1: The bag.

You will be wanting something discreet, that can absorb odors (such as those from scented sanitary pads, creams or medication) and preferably that looks pretty. I chose a single compartment make-up bag for mine. It’s black, so any lotion or medicine spills won’t show and it absorbs and masks light smells quite well, though a lavender pouch is never superfluous.

2: The essentials.

Obviously, if this kit is a menstrual kit, you will need your basics. Also, if you’re making the kit for yourself, try and be sure to have your closer friends’ preferred basics as well, and some emergency items in case your usual items run out, break or just aren’t cutting it. I use a cup, but I still keep the following for emergencies.

-spare black underwear (because it always seems to be in the laundry when you need it most)




-sanitary disposal bags

-cleaning equipment for reusable items

3: Extra hygiene.

Regardless of how much you want it to be, this time of the month can get messy. Other basics you could use are:

-a sponge for cleaning external porcelain stains

-well-sealed baby wipes that will treat you more delicately then the usuals

-flannels you can use with warm water for your hands

-some baby shampoo and peroxide in case of emergency stain treatment

4: The medicals.

And some of us need the odd medical treatment from time to time over that time of the month. If you do, keep the medicine in the bag, so you know where it is, and check the expiry date at the end of every month, as many of these medications expire before you’ve had a chance to use them all!

Some that everyone could do with:

-mild aspirin-free painkiller like paracetamol (aspirin is a blood-thinner and is found in ibuprofen, fyi)

-iron supplements

-st john’s wort (check for incompatibilities with underlying conditions or current medication first)

-anti-fungal gel

5: The comforts.

I don’t like treating a natural state of my body as an illness. But, on the other hand, if you can do little things to care for yourself the rest of the time, why not adapt to whatever state your body is in? Here are some things to make everything a little bit nicer, even if they aren’t 100% essential.

-rash creams to ease any stuffiness-based swelling

-a hot water bottle for aches or just because it’s nice

-a small toy to cuddle if you feel the urge

-a bag of your favourite sweets (keep outside of main bag, but nearby)