10 Things I Am Grateful For This Solstice.

Staying up late on the Solstice gives plenty of time for reflection. This will be the longest night of the year. When it’s over, the days begin to draw out and Spring is officially on its way. Life is reborn from here, even if we can’t see it yet. And as life is conceived again, there are many things to cast aside, but many things to give thanks for.

1: My perfect husband.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t start with the one thing I genuinely am amazed I have.

I’m grateful to have met such an intelligent, handsome, loyal, dedicated, witty, random, like-minded man. I am a thousand times more grateful he was single, interested in me and happy to wait through all my anxiety and doubt.

2: The roof over my head, the food in my stomach and the fire beyond the hearth.

I am grateful to be alive, safe and sheltered from the elements. I am grateful to be able to eat every day if I want to, to the point of obesity if I ever wanted to. I am grateful to have a home of my own and not share it with anyone I don’t choose to welcome inside. I am grateful that in this chilling cold our house is warm and safe.

3: My art and my writing.

I am grateful that I can paint and write, that I can do it to relax, that I can put my mind to paper with ease and that I can make a small portion of my income on highly creative work.

4: What health and youth I have.

I am grateful that despite my ups and downs, my physical health is incredibly robust. I am grateful to have never broken a bone. I am grateful to have blood tests coming back as perfect. I am grateful to be in the middle of perfect childbearing age and soon to try for my first.

5: My grandmother in law and her help.

I am grateful that my grandmother in law is with us and is so kind, generous and caring. I am grateful that she shares her tips and hints about cooking and gardening with me. I am grateful she is there to help with the dog or just to talk should I need it.

6: Our friends and their support.

I am grateful to have friends as weird and wonderful as Jon and I. I am grateful for the fun things we arrange together, the places we go and the things we do and make. I am grateful to have a few close people in my life, rather than a thousand distant ones.

7: My business, my clients and my students.

I am grateful that I can make money from home. I am grateful that despite my location I am bringing in a comfortable income whilst tending our house, as well as a tidy passive income. I am grateful that the vast majority of my clients and students are polite, well-informed and work with me, rather than having me work for them only.

8: The spaciousness of the British countryside.

However many people I am grateful for, I am also grateful to live so far from most of them. I am grateful for fresh air and long country walks and dead quiet nights. I am grateful for our cheap cottage and its big garden and my potato harvest and the possibility of breeding turkeys.

9: Our pets and their company.

I am grateful to never be home alone. I am grateful to have a quickly growing puppy to motivate me to exercise, to cuddle when I feel down and to make me laugh when I’m struggling to focus on work. I am grateful to have an insane cat that clears the area of rats (and voles, whoops) and purrs like an idling engine whenever he sits next to me.

10: The modern world… and opt-outs.

I am grateful to live in a day and age when any item or service I need is a click or a call away, when I can make friends thousands of miles from me, when I can relax and read anything I want whenever I want. I am grateful for this blog, for my followers, for the blogs I read. I am grateful for social media and free tv streams and music downloads. But I am also grateful to be able to turn it all off once in a while and sit by the window watching the snow fall…

TTFN and Happy Hunting!