Wonderful Wednesday Wok. Patatas Bravas and Veg Mash.

So, for yesterday’s wok Jon got roast chicken and some of the sweet bread with a little butter, but he needed some veggies on the side. So here’s what I made.

Recipe 1: Patatas Bravas.

Not quite the Spanish ones, but nice fried anyway. Oven-cook them for full effect.


-1 500-600g/17.6-21.2oz cold baked potato

-1.5 tbsp olive oil

-1/2tsp paprika

-1/4tsp salt

-1/4tsp pepper


-chopping board and knife

-frying pan and spatula


1: Chop the potato into cubes.

2: Pour the oil into the pan and put onto gas mark 3/6.

3: Add the potatoes and gently stir them until they begin to brown.

4: Add the spices.

5: Continue cooking and stirring until the potatoes are coated and golden.


Recipe 2: Vegetable Mash.

An excellent way to get more root veggies in and serve a lower-carb mash with dinner.


-200g/7oz swede

-1 medium parsnip

-1 small carrot

-100ml/3.5floz thick cream

-25g/0.9oz salted butter

-1/2tsp pepper


-chopping board and knife


-potato masher


1: Chop the vegetables up reasonably small.

2: Boil them until tender.

3: Mash with the cream and pepper.

4: Serve with butter over it.