How Jon’s bag turned out.

Some of you may recall a bag I made for myself a while back.


Well, it was Jon’s turn this time. I made him a “camping, festivals and outings bag” for his last festival work, before I resumed making the nappy bag for the baby.

Like my one, it’s 99% from scratch, including things like the zippers and the eyelets on the straps. Only things I didn’t make: the leather belts, the metal bits.

It has:

  • fairly flat colours and mostly stainproof, other than the lining
  • leather and denim features
  • solid belt-style straps
  • a drawstring close
  • a fold-over water-resistant top
  • shoulders shaped to his back with wire and padded for comfort
  • a large main section
  • a water-resistant inner pocket
  • two huge zippered side pockets
  • two huge open side pockets
  • a small sweets pocket at the front
  • ties for attaching loose items like shoes and coats
  • two hooks for clipping on headphones and other items

I think I did quite well.

Front view.

Front view.

Side view.

Side view.

Side view.

The straps.

The straps.

How the straps sit.

How the straps sit.

Fully loaded, side view.

Fully loaded, side view.

Fully loaded, on back.

Fully loaded, on back.

Yeah, we both kind of like the anime look. 😛

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


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Chicken and Parsnip Pizza with Baked Potatoes.

Been a little busy, so here’s a post-bomb day.

We had an amazingly bad for you chocolate cake for pudding. Mmm!



For the dough:

-2.5 cups self-raising flour or flour with agents

-3tbsp olive oil

-1tsp salt

-1tsp sugar or honey

-1/2tsp paprika

-1/2tsp mint

-warm water as needed

For the sauce:

-1 small parsnip

-400g/14oz chopped tomatoes

-1/2 sweet onion

-chilli oil to taste

For the toppings:

-1/2 sweet onion in rings

-2 diced chicken breasts

-200g/7oz cheddar cheese


-chopping board and knife

-frying pan

-flat tray

-mixing bowl and spoon

-rolling pin


1: Mix the flour, salt, sweetener, paprika and mint.

2: Make a well and add the oil.

3: Slowly incorporate the water into the well until the dough is firm, dry and stretchy.

4: Roll into a ball and leave to one side.

5: Finely dice the tomato, parsnip and half onion.

6: Pan-fry with oil and a little salt until everything is softened and there is no fluid left in the base of the pan.

7: Stretch the dough out into shape on the tray. Add the sauce.

8: Crumble the cheese on top and add the chicken and onion.

9: Bake at 160C/30F for 35-45 minutes, or until the crust sounds hollow when tapped.

10: Serve with a jacket potato, chips, beans or a side-salad.

The pudding that's really, really, REALLY bad for you.

The pudding that’s really, really, REALLY bad for you.