FitFriday, FatFriday X. Carbs it is.


Went to see the consultant and the look on his face basically said “why have they sent her here if she’s managing it herself?” So now I’m back with my midwife full time. 😀

Starting to see a bit of a poke that isn’t just fat now, so it seems the bump is hardening. Still have hardly gained weight although I’m at 14.5 weeks, though, so I need to keep an eye on that and if I don’t gain after another week or two I’ll see what the midwife recommends.

Also had an awful blood sugar crash. Fortunately from working with people who have diabetes I worked out what it was, and now I can recognize one coming on and have some fruit or juice or a sweet, but the first one was a shock. If you start feeling a little numb in the legs and then sick: go sit down and if you get dizzy have some sugar. When they run through it feels like you just stepped out of an ice bath: cold sweat everywhere, sick, cramped and shaky for ages.

On a final good note, no other symptoms that have hurt or bothered me. So my tally is: motion sickness on long car trips, a torn ab muscle, aversion to mussels and a single blood sugar crash. Doing pretty good on my goal to having a peasant-girl style pregnancy and just keeping going until baby arrives.


Diet has changed a bit. Higher carbs split down through the day, especially in the morning and night, to prevent crashes. Which naturally means my fat intake has to go down and my protein has to go up to balance calories, insulin and appetite. Not that I’m minding, right in the middle of stone fruit season and with almost infinite jam and pie fillings to use up!


Missed for a couple of days due to the crash, but before that I was still making steady progress. First session post-sugar-crash should be about… now.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!