Wonderful Wednesday Wok. PIE, more gari and butter-icing.

Something a bit more creative this week. A chicken pie for mains and spiced bread with cinnamon butter-icing for pudding. All made using Gari.

Recipe 1: Chicken Pie.



-300g gari or another coarse flour

-100g butter

-5 eggs

-chicken scraps (200-300g)

-300g cooked potato, cabbage and carrot

-200g cooked peas


-mixing bowl and fork

-greased or nonstick baking tray


1: Mix the flour with the butter and the eggs until a rough dough is formed.

2: Divide in half. Spread one half across the base of a greased baking tray.

3: Bake at 160C for 35min.

4: Cut up and layer the chicken and vegetables along the base of the pie. Add the peas on top.

5: Roll out the remaining dough to fit as a lid. Place it over the pie and press the sides down into the base of the pie.

6: Bake at 160C for 35min.


Recipe 2: Spiced Bread with Cinnamon-Butter-Icing.



For the bread:

-200g Gari or rough flour

-6 eggs

-5tsp cinnamon

-2tsp ginger

-1/4tsp cloves

-2tsp sugar

For the icing:

-100g butter

-5tsp sugar

-1tsp cinnamon


-mixing bowl and spoon

-greased baking tray

-cup and fork



1: Mix the flour, sugar and spices in a bowl.

2: Crack in the eggs and mix thoroughly.

3: Pour into the baking tray.

4: Bake at 160C for 1h.

5: Leave to cool.

6: Place the butter, sugar and cinnamon in the cup.

7: Use the fork to mash the sugar and cinnamon into the butter.


8: When the bread is cool, spread the icing over it.


And that was Jon’s lunch today. 🙂

Getting tempted to steal his chicken pie, looks nice…


Recipe Corner. WWW and Seeded Burgers.

Phew! Between traveling on Monday, general business yesterday and gardening today, it’s taken forever to get to writing this. On the other hand, the first update photos of the garden and the finished sewing-project will be up soon. So yay!

As promised, I have added the measurements in ounces and fluid ounces and the temperature in Fahrenheit (rounded to the nearest 5).

Recipe 1: Seeded Burgers.

These are the ones I made for Dad and I for a lunch. I used some seed packs he got, that sounded nice. They’re here, but I can’t find anywhere actually still selling them. If you find anywhere that still stocks them, then please tell me because they were awesome. I used a Thai mix for half the mince and an Italian mix for the other half. Both were good, but could have done with a bit of a boost in terms of flavouring.


-500g/17.6oz mince

-1 Thai seed packet

-1 Italian seed packet


-mixing bowl

-oven tray


Nice and simple.

1: Pre-heat the grill or oven at 180C/355F.

2: Divide the mince in half. Evenly mix one seed packet into each half. Possibly add some more seasoning to them.

3: Divide each half into two normal burgers or three small burgers.

4: Cook at 180C/355F for 25min.


5: Serve as you wish. We had ours in crusty rolls with salad, and then with chips later.





Recipe 2: Mixed Fish Pie.

A far easier fish pie than the smoked haddock one, but just as satisfying, and probably a lot easier to feed to fussy mouths.


-900-1000g/31.7-35.3oz mixed fish (we used a 350g cheap pollock-based mix, a 250g pricier fresh mix and two tins of tuna chunks)

-600-700g/21.2-24.7oz potato

-300-400/10.5-14.1flozml milk

-75g/2.6oz butter

-30-50g/1-1.8oz rice flour




-onion powder

-smoked paprika

-Thai spice mix



-frying pan

-baking tray




1: Boil and drain the potatoes. Mash them with 1/3rd of the butter. Put to one side.

2: Dice the fish and fry it in a little butter with salt, pepper and some Thai spices.

3: Once the fish is entirely cooked, remove it from the liquid it released and the butter and place it in the baking tray.

4: Take the pan with the water and butter in it. Add the milk, the last of the butter and put the mix back on the heat.

5: Stirring continually, sift in the flour.

6: Once the sauce has thickened, add a lot of pepper and some salt. Pour it over the fish.

7: If necessary, reheat the potatoes a bit.

8: Mash-in the smoked paprika, onion powder and some salt.

9: Pile over the fish.

10: Pre-heat the oven at 150C/300F.

11: Cook at 150C/300F for 45min.

12: If necessary, raise the temperature to 200C/390F near the end, to brown the potato.


Recipe 3: Banana Bread.

We had a reasonable number of overripe and near-overripe bananas, so I decided this would be our “pudding” food for the next few days. Also, using Gari means it’s lower in carbs, which makes it easier on my body.


-4 overripe bananas

-200-300g/7-10.6oz Gari

-300-500ml/10.5-17.6floz milk

-30-50g/1-1.8oz raisins

-2 eggs


-mixing bowl


-cake/tart trays


1: Mash the bananas into a pulp with a fork.

2: Mash in the flour.

3: Add the milk. Mix thoroughly and allow ten to twenty minutes for the flour to absorb the milk.

4: Stir again. Mix in the eggs and raisins.

5: Preheat the oven to 150C/300F.

6: Cook banana bread at 150C/300F for 1h, or until a fork comes out clean.


And the fish pie and banana bread are what Jon had for lunch today. In his words, the banana bread is “very nice”, but he can only have “a bit of it in one go”. Still, if he enjoys it then it’s a success. 🙂



Tomorrow I will definitely post the finished essay on the unexpected experiences of being a housekeeper and soon there will be an update on the garden and a post on my hand-made bag with a plan for making your own, if you think it’s cute and/or useful. I’m starting to find hand-sewing really therapeutic. Whenever I’m stressed or bored or my hands are a bit shakey from too much caffeine, or spending too long in the garden, sewing calms me right down.

Anyhow, TTFN and happy hunting!

Recipe Corner. Gari and Cheese-and-Ham Pies.

First off, my total for this week is a pathetic 10/21. On the other hand, I am getting somewhere with my paintings and my tutoring, so I can get back to everything next week and put the effort into keeping it normal without derailing more important things than the plan.

Now, some baking I’ve been doing.

Recipe 1: Ham and Cheese Pies.


-250g spelt flour

-100g rice flour

-150g butter

-50g cheddar

-2 rashers bacon

-1 onion

-onion powder


-chopping board

-mixing bowl and spoon

-greased/nonstick cupcake/baking tray


1: Mix the flours and butter with your fingers until all that’s left are thick crumbs. Add water, stirring until it reaches a consistency like honey. Add onion powder.

2: Pour/spoon 1/2 the mix across the base of your cupcake or baking tray.

3: Chop the bacon, onion and cheese into bits and share throughout the cupcake spaces or spread evenly over the mix in the tray.

4: Spoon the remaining half of the mix across the top of your cupcake or baking tray. Flatten down so the top mixture and bottom mixture meet.

5: Cook in an oven at 160C for 1h.

Taste-test on the bottom left. They're good.

Taste-test on the bottom left. They’re good.


Recipe 2: Gari Not-Cornbread.

Because Jon has a corn allergy and I am trying to keep grain consumption minimized, I decided to try out some gari instead of cornflour. Gari is a popular West African food made of shredded cassava/tapioca root and makes an excellent flour for making denser, richer breads. It is made by soaking and fermenting mashed cassava root before drying it out and grinding it down. Yellow gari is actually fried in palm oil, so it’s not the best choice in hindsight, but I’ll make sure to get white gari next time.



Yes, my lard-saving jar has a sketch of a tiny pig on it. My chicken-fat one has a chicken on it, my tallow one has a cow on it, my lamb-fat one has a sheep on it and my olive-oil one has some olives on it. I’m cool like that.

-300g gari

-200g lard (mine was from roast gammon, so I didn’t use any more spices)

-4 eggs

-1tbsp dry yeast

-1tsp sugar



-mixing bowl and spoon


-bread baking tray


1: Mix the sugar with 50ml of hot water. Add 100ml cold water. Stir in the yeast and leave to rest.

2: Mix the gari and the lard together.

3: Stir in the egg.

4: Add the yeast mix.

5: Stir and add water alternately until the mixture is workable but too thick to pour.

6: Spoon into a greased cake-baking tray.

7: For flatter trays, bake at 160C for 35min. For deeper ones, bake at 160C for 50-60min.

Serve with butter spread on top, because it wouldn’t be complete without butter.