Recipe Corner: Smoked Haddock Pie.

This is to die for. So happy with the results!

Recipe based off one in my “POTATO” book.

A book so beautifully succinctly titled couldn't be anything but perfect.

A book so beautifully succinctly titled couldn’t be anything but perfect.

The original recipe.

The original recipe.

When we realized we had smoked haddock, new potatoes and enough milk to drown them in, Dad mentioned it would be an awesome dish to make. What with his having a poor appetite lately (only having half a pancreas and all that), I’ve been trying to get a solid meal for him every day, so this sounded as good as any.

We lacked a couple of ingredients and I made some adjustments and substitutions, but it was awesome, so here’s my adapted recipe.

Smoked Haddock and New Potato Pie

(Serves four.)


-4 fillets of smoked haddock

-450-600g of new potatoes

-2 small onions, halved

-500ml skimmed milk

-100ml double cream

-75g instant mashed-potato / 50g corn flour / 35g rice flour

-3 lime leaves

-20 cloves


-black pepper

-Parmesan cheese


(Warning: LOTS of washing-up.)

-1 deep saucepan

-1 small pot

-1 colander

-1 ceramic oven-dish or large oven-proof pot

-1 chopping board and knife

-2 forks


1: Take your fish fillets. Place them in a pan and cover them with the milk.

fishpie2 (2)

2: Take your onion-halves and stab them full of cloves.

fishpie2 (3)

3: Add the onions to the milk and simmer the fish for 15-25min. (The book says 5, but ours wasn’t flaking by then.)

fishpie2 (4)

4: Slice the potatoes about 1cm in diameter. They’re better not peeled, but ours were greening and green potatoes are slightly toxic.

5: Simmer the potatoes in the pot, in lightly salted water until tender.

fishpie2 (5)

6: When the fish is cooked, take it from the milk with a spoon or spatula that has holes in it.

7: De-bone and flake the fish. Remove the cloves from the onions and dice them.

8: Spread the fish and onions along the base of the oven-dish.

fishpie2 (6)

9: Simmer the milk the fish was cooked in for 10min.

fishpie2 (7)

10: Add the thickener and the double cream and stir until thick.

11: Mix-in the sage.

12: Alternately layer the potatoes and the sauce. Add a sprinkle of pepper and Parmesan over the potatoes.

fishpie2 (8)

fishpie2 (9)

13: Place the lid on the pot (or cover in foil) and bake in the oven for 25min at 200C.

14: Uncover the pot and bake for a further 5min, until slightly golden on top.

fishpie2 (10)

fishpie2 (11)

It probably could have done with some green beans and some crunchy bacon on the side, but this is how we had it and we’re quite full.

Bonne chasse and bon appetit!