How To… let go of the old year.

Out with the old, in with the new. 🙂

1: Shake off all your old anger.

Any grudges, hangups, pains or worries you had, shake them off.

You don’t want to start over with all the bad energy from last year.

Write them down and burn the paper, make concise plans to tackle your problems or shout the anger away in an open field. Get it out of your body tonight.

2: Cross off all your old plans.

So what if you didn’t stick to your NYR? So what if you wanted to be X, Y or Z by now? If you’re not, you’re not. Time to start over and not linger on what you haven’t done.

3: Write a list of goals, objectives and plans for the new year.

Think of all the things you can accomplish in 52 weeks!

Write a list of weekly goals and long term objectives.

Create a weekly schedule where you hit milestones towards each objective and accomplish your goals.

Plan your success.

4: Write a letter to yourself for next year.

Think of how you feel about 2015 right now. And write a letter to the you of NYE 2016-2017. Tell them what plans you have, how you’ll feel about accomplishing or not accomplishing them. Tell them what great things you did in 2015 and ask about what they’ve done this year. Commiserate with them over the tragedies and celebrate their successes. The old you and the new you deserve to be connected.

5: Start everything afresh.

As I’m sure most of you know, I like to schedule my Monday, Tuesday and Thursday posts whenever I can so that if I have a busy day I don’t need to worry about not putting something “to paper” or not posting something. But this is the last one of the year. I have one scheduled for tomorrow and that’s it. Starting in the new year, I start over.

Likewise for almost everything. I’m not beating myself up over anything, or trying to let the tendrils of this year’s work grow into next year. I am sure I will work hard at everything tomorrow as well.

Have a fantastic new year, everyone!

TTFN and Happy New Year!


At Peace.

The Solstice is over and the days are growing longer. The year is almost out. Stress levels are declining around here, and they probably are dropping at your home too.

There’s a strange peacefulness this time of year, when the guests are gone and the visiting is done and we take a few moments to ourselves. A stillness in the air. A silence around. A stagnancy behind the decorations and pamphlets and present wrappings. Like everything decided to pause until it’s time to get back to work again.

I’m glad for it. I’m not the most sociable person anyway. I like a bit of time to myself and a bit of time for Jon and I after so much time around other people.

Everything is cold and dark and empty and quiet. It’s pretty nice.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!