10 Things To Love About Men.

Women as a gender get an awful lot of love from men and women alike. But rarely do men get to hear the voice of appreciation. I guess many men don’t really want it, or are indifferent to it. But, for those to whom it will make a difference, here are 10 things I love about men. They aren’t demands or my requirements, but things I have noticed about men in general that I really like.

1: Men are safe.

Starting with a big one. Whatever the media tries to tell you, men are safe. Yes, they are more powerful than you. But if a man attacks you, who is more likely to defend you? If you’re walking down the street at night with a friend, who do you feel safer around? Most men will not hurt you. In fact, most men will defend you and defend you well.

2: Men are generous.

Men are always eager to give to children and women. They will voluntarily take on children that are not biologically theirs, they will let you have the last tub of cream at the supermarket, they will hold the door for you, they will give you money for a bus home, all without expecting anything in return.

3: Men are calm.

They rarely if ever have emotional outbursts and when they do it’s usually very small compared to how bad the situation got. Men don’t break down and cry, get angry and shout or get excited and run around anywhere near as much as women do. And that’s refreshing.

4: Men are paternal.

Again, in the face of what the media says, men are generally amazing fathers. They are willing to go the extra mile for their kids, to welcome a child from a woman’s previous relationship, to protect and help children that are lost and scared. If it weren’t for how much paternal instinct is demonized and misrepresented, men would be as eager to protect and care for children as they are to protect and care for women.

5: Men are to the point.

From my observations, men hate to leave you hanging. They will be straight forward to you, say what they know, think and feel and will leave it at that or let you have your say. The only time they hold things back is when they believe it could harm a preexisting relationship more than it could help any parties.

6: Men are easygoing.

Men don’t take themselves or anything too seriously. They will engage in banter with each other and not at any point stop being friends. They will take an event that a woman may find mortifying and within seconds find the hilarity in it. They enjoy being relaxed and comfortable and will joke about anything once they’re sure they won’t be crucified for it.

7: Men are hardworking.

All animals are naturally lazy and the human male is no exception. But men prioritize completing a task rather than finishing the day or botching something. Men will work very hard to make sure something is complete to the best of their ability, rarely procrastinate and rarely if ever hide a badly done job.

8: Men are forgiving.

Men seem far less likely than women to hold onto past trespasses. Once the matter has been discussed and made right, men just let these things go and return to how they were before. They will never be brought up again.

9: Men are careful.

Back to the point of physical strength: men are amazingly strong. Women, pound for pound, can only recruit about 65% of the strength men can. Women are usually also lighter and less muscles than men, due to dieting and lower testosterone. Yet men very rarely hurt women. Even when a policeman is physically restraining a woman who is acting out or when hitting a woman was an appropriate response to a meltdown, men rarely cause women a quarter of the harm they are capable of. And, as point one states, generally they won’t even hit us to begin with.

10: Men are lovers.

Men love incredibly deeply and genuinely. They want the very best for everyone they love, from their children to their parents, from their lovers to their best friends. Men aren’t miserly with their love, they love freely, they love fully and if they love you they throw themselves into making your life better with as much energy as they have to spare.

And those are ten things I have observed about men (in general) that I love and think are brilliant.

TTFN and Happy Hunting.

What are some things you’ve observed about men or women that you enjoy seeing?