It’s easy to be a defeatist.

It really is. Anyone can choose to be a defeatist. Our world is not an easy one to live in.

We’re surrounded by others, yet it’s not easy to cultivate the relationships we aspire to.

We’re surrounded by money and the wealthy, yet it’s not easy to get your slice of the pie.

We’re surrounded by amazing technology, yet we’re still suffering ill health, old age and sometimes we even have to unclog a toilet.

Boo hoo.

Sorry, but life is loads easier than it used to be. Do you think making and keeping friends was easier when we had to write letters as soon as someone lived out of town? Do you think that a young man aspiring to have a harem had to work less at it when the most viable mode of transport was the horse? Do you think married couples had less relationship maintenance to do when their options were between two suitors chosen by their parents and marriage was a lifelong, enforceable contract?

Do you think it was easy to “make it” when the average person died by 50, when taxes were decided only by the rich and when you had no access to education whatsoever? Do you think it was easy to become rich when your land and house and everything in it was officially owned by a Lord? Do you think it was easier to be healthy when we were hungry, thirsty, plagued with dysentery and leprosy and died of the flu?

We’ve got it good. We’ve got it really good.

That isn’t to say all failure is your own fault. We started out under worse stars than Paris Hilton or Donald Trump. But to pretend the modern world is some magically evil Unfairland is just the easy way out.

It’s easy to join the Church of Euthanasia, to call liberal democracy the “end of history”, to enjoy the decline, to call gender and race a social construct, to blame the Government and the aliens and the Patriarchy and Satan. It’s easy to be defeatist.

I’m not saying you can’t, or shouldn’t feel that way. Just that, as far as decisions go, you’re not being radical or amazing or transformative by saying “welp, there’s nothing I can do” and sitting back on your butt and never doing anything again.

You’re just being kind of emo.

TTFN and Happy Hunting!


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