FitFriday, FatFriday, VII. Weights reshuffled again.


Still waiting and hoping. Cross your fingers for us!


Looking pretty great. Waist nicely flat. Breakfasts have been largely small, lunches have been carbier, but lighter in calories, and dinners have been plenty of protein with a bit of fat and a bit of carbs.

Down to one coffee a day, the odd bit of chocolate. Since getting some ear plugs I have been sleeping deeper too, so I may not even need a caffeinated morning coffee!


Keeping on top of them and, due to TTC, I’m on a routine that’s mirrored, to allow daily exercise. Rather than just doing squats one day and having a day off, the second day I will double down on the squats by doing high rep work. This increases time under tension, further breaks down the muscle tissue, promotes growth and density, without overloading the body.

Day 1: 36kg incline 4×4. Day 2: pushups or 2×12 at a lower weight.

Day 3: 57.5kg squats 4×4, 6kg biceps 4×4. Day 4: 12kg kettlebell squats 2×20.

Day 5: 37.5kg rows 4×4, 3.5kg triceps 2×12. Day 6: Lighter rows 2×12.

We will soon be upgrading the 4×4 to 6×4.

Fat Friday.

On the not so good side, I have recently been having more and more for breakfast, especially in the fat department. I think this reflects that I am too hungry for a light carb breakfast, and I will be working on getting more protein in the morning. I had a slice of cake over the past week or two, so on the carb front I have been quite good. 😀

How did your week in fitness go?