FitFriday XIX and FatFriday VI.


Losing the weight. Balancing my diet when I have very little time to exercise is getting hard. But at least I’m not hungry or bored, so I must be doing OK.

Keeping very low carb and prioritizing greens, so I can be around 2-3kg heavier at the end of the day than at the beginning. Which is confusing, but at least my morning weight is on a steady descent.

Workouts more regular, but nowhere near as long or as regular as I’d like. When weightloss is steady at 1500kcal/day and under, I’m definitely underexercising.


Not really indulging much. Had a bit of chocolate for a carb refeed, but I wasn’t feeling it so I didn’t actually enjoy it that much. The tastiest food at the moment in my crazy variety of cheeses (cambozola, cheddar, Edam, mascarpone, brie, Camembert  and some crumbly sour cheese), so, considering my lactose issues, I’m being careful but loving them.

Cola has been kicked and the naughtiest thing I’m eating is a stir-fry with greasy pork, bacon and mascarpone in the sauce. It’s inkeeping with the diet, but a real calorie-bomb so I’m going to bulk it with more veggies soon.

Next week I will get more workouts in, drink less coffee (hopefully), continue to eat lots of greens and limit carbs and see where I go from there.

Then again, maybe I’m just being harsh on myself at the moment. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

How did your week go, fitness-wise? What have you been eating that’s healthy, naughty and/or delicious? Have you been hitting all your workouts? Meeting your goals? Lets chat in the comments! 🙂

TTFN and Happy Hunting.

FitFriday III.

This week has been a busy one, but I managed to keep at it.

Almost every day I’ve done some lifting, either as a 1 or 2 exercise workout or whilst getting the new chicken coop or the garden ready.

I’ve walked quite a bit and got a lot of sunlight. My hands have dried fairly easily, but they’re still elastic and they sweat when I have a break, so it’s still within natural boundaries.

I’ve been VLC some days and LC others, so my water-weight has literally melted off. It seems I can store up to 6L of extra fluid when I’m eating high carb. Considering I’m not obese, that is quite a feat. Goes to show that a lot of the jigglies some people have could be lost by cutting back on water retention.

My diet has largely consisted of low-calorie starches, mixed vegetables, tomato sauce, meat and eggs. And coffee, of course. A bit of chocolate and some sugared almonds here and there, as well as a banana and rice for a carb refeed when I wasn’t feeling fully recovered after a VLC day with endurance activities.

Got to get back on track with my regular weights and walking.

Finally, I have banned myself from certain websites that distract me easily and am only allowing others, such as the blog, or social networking sites, to be used for 1h/day before my chores are done or whilst completing small jobs. Productivity feels like it’s gone up 200%!

Here, have some beautiful Finnish pop.