FitFriday, FatFriday IV. Still no luck.


Yeah, still no luck. More worryingly, my ovulation tests are returning me “nils”, so either that’s another effect of my wonky hormone profile or I may need to see if there’s something stopping me from ovulating normally. Probably the stress, to be honest, but I’m stumped as to what anyone can do when you have a disorder that is characterized by anxiety episodes.


Back under iron fist! Plenty of healthy, spiced foods full of protein and veggies, a bit too much homemade chocolate, but otherwise doing well. I have been monitoring my caffeine intake and keeping it low, trying to find the sweet spot between “too little caffeine and anxious” and “calm, but overcaffeinated”.

I have also discovered sheese and think I might live on it. Mmmm, overprocessed soy based savouriness! 😀

Putting offal and fish back into focus, in case extra progesterone inducing foods might help meout.


All over the place! Everything has gone up, but I’ve also had to go down to high rep work due to a minor bug trying to get in and upsetting my muscles. Proper review next week, if I remember to. 😛

How did everyone else’s week in fitness go?